Saturday, September 8, 2018

Dessa's Homespun Scents: Fall Wax Haul 2018

Dessa's! I make an annual pilgrimage to Dessa's Homespun Scents each year in a quest to obtain the most fantastic of fall fragrances. I can see that as the years have gone by that more and more people join me in the quest. Dessa has grown in popularity to the point where now she is only open for one day at a time every few months. In fact, the last time she will be open for orders in 2018 will be today at noon EST. Orders from today's opening are estimated to ship on October 29th. 

I have a handful of scents I adore and make sure I pick up every year. I added a few new scents too since Dessa is so great about expanding her line. I picked up only the scent shots which run $1.90 each.

Harvest Moon- Notes: Nutmeg and cinnamon sticks layered over a rich base of applewood and cedar. (BBW Autumn Night dupe)
This is a forever favorite. I bought four scent shots in this one. It throws beautifully and smells of spiced woods and cedar musk lingering on flannel throws after cuddle sessions. There is a touch of sweetness to this scent but very low key.

October- Notes: Fresh apple cider infused with caramel, pumpkin pie, crushed cinnamon and a dash of spicy cloves.
Another one near and dear to my autumnal heart. The caramel is perfect in this. It is sweet and creamy and mild and cools the spices in the pumpkin and apple cider. I get an even mix of apples and pumpkins. This really is probably the best collection of notes to represent October. 

Apples & Cinnamon is a simple classic that warms the home. Straight up cinnamon apples stewed in their own juices. It reminds me of the apple slices in cinnamon syrup that Cracker Barrel makes. Delicious. Now I want to bake an apple pie. This one throws strong. A repurchase every time.

Smoky Mountain Berries- Notes: A magical blend of Fraser fir needles, fresh cranberries, bayberry leaves and a touch of vanilla.
Dessa really did make magic with this one. It is a classic Christmas scent for my home. The Christmas trees and cranberries make a festive combination. The cranberries are deep and concentrated without being candied or artificial. Pretty much the perfect cranberry. Add in some bayberry and fir and I am in hog heaven. My sister Lindsey always loves this one.

Country Store- Notes: The aroma of cinnamon, ginger, apples, spices and scented candles.
Dessa lured me into this one when she gave it as a free sample. I melted it halfheartedly but then was blown away by the delicious scent and awesome throw. If you are a spiced apple fan, please don't miss out on this one. I always add one or two to my order every year.

Harvest Cauldron Cider- Notes: Tart cranberries, pumpkin and apple cider simmering in mulling spices. 
This is a new scent from Dessa this fall and I pounced on it when she debuted it in her FB group. The addition of cranberries to the pumpkin and apple mix is genius. The spices are forefront along with the cranberries and apples, making a mulled cider brew that is flavorful and robust. The pumpkin is a touch quieter in this one but lends a hint of creaminess.

Cinnamon Pine Cones smell just like the bag of cinnamon pine cones and cinnamon broom sticks at the grocery store. A crisp sweet heat like a handful of Atomic Fireballs. Nothing like some flaming hot cinnamon in my house. I love it. This was a repurchase.

Orange & Clove Spice smells like dark orange candy peels made of mandarins coated in sugared spices and tied in bundles with homespun. This is the first time I have tried this one I think. It is nice but a little too sharp for me.

Haunted Carnival- Notes: Deep fried apple fritters, churros rolled in cinnamon sugar, fresh butery pretzels and sticky caramel sauce. 
Another new addition to Dessa's fall line up. Strangely I get a touch of chocolate with this tart. Maybe a cinnamon churro covered in chocolate? The pretzel does add a little yeast and salt to the scent. But just a pinch on cold. 

Haunted Hollow- Notes: Deep cedarwood and rich spicy cinnamon.
Dessa asked for some scent blends a couple years ago and I asked for this one. She is so incredibly cool. She actually made it. And now I make a point of buying it every year to experience its spicy cedar scent throughout my home.

Pumpkin Gingerbread is a repurchase. Combine carving pumpkins with fresh spiced gingerbread and this is what you get. The pumpkin has a touch of that gourd quality and the gingerbread is very dense. It is a wonderful scent.

Pumpkin Bonfire- Notes: Fresh pumpkin puree, sweet cream, a light sprinkling of cinnamon and a background of hickory smoke from a crackling bonfire.
This is a newer scent this year too. She had me at bonfire, which I am sure you could surmise. The hickory does add an extra dash of smokiness, but almost in a culinary fashion. The spices are in there too. 

Warm Vanilla Nutmeg- Notes: Creamy French vanilla, vanilla beans, warm spicy nutmeg blended together.
Buttery toffee and mellow spice. I like this one but only once in a while as it really is thick and heavy.

Sugar Plum Fairies- Notes: Sugared plums, fresh Christmas trees and peppery holiday spices.
I love this one. It reminds me of the CFTKR Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies scent. Evergreen, sweet fruits and spice. A classic holiday scent.

Free samples!

Santa's Pipe is a very nice cherry vanilla pipe tobacco scent.

Coffee House Cobbler pairs coffee with cream and perhaps some baked goods. The coffee is a touch puppy toes.

Mulberry Spice has a grape and almond vibe to it.

I am very happy with my Dessa's haul. I am already eyeing up a few more Christmas scents. How did I miss A Woodland Christmas?!?!?! Do you have any Dessa faves that I need to try? Are you ordering today?


  1. Harvest Cauldron Cider sounds like one I neeeeed! I haven't ordered from Dessa's for probably two or three years now. I don't remember what I've had or what I've liked, but I do think I'll pay her site a little visit today and maybe place a small order. Do you know/remember offhand if she's got a simple vanilla-peppermint?


    1. SHE DOES!!! It is called Winter Solstice. And I think you liked it!! Xoxo

    2. Yes! I remembered that after I posted. I looked back on my blog, my old haul posts, to see which ones I've had and liked. I made a little list then went to her site and was sad to find quite a few are no longer there (or might be renamed). Since my list was small to begin with and then most weren't there, I didn't order. :(


    3. Oh wow.... really? I hadn’t noticed any that have retired. That stinks. Which ones were you interested in? I bet if you messaged her she would help out. She is very very nice.

    4. I know one that I did not see was Cranberry Spice. I see she has one now called Cranberry Sauce, but didn't know if that would be the same. Another one I didn't see was Cranberries & Cornbread. I did a search of 'cornbread' and nothing like it came up, which told me the name is probably not changed but instead it's probably just gone.

      Nah, I missed the opening and my list was so tiny anyway. I have enough peppermint and eggnog scents to get me through.


  2. A vendor who is still on my 'to try' list. Though the beautiful pictures of your hauls and descriptions always entice me for sure! Maybe 2019 will finally be my year! Harvest Cauldron Cider sounds so good!
    Haunted Carnival would probably be a no go for me not only for the chocolate note you are picking up but also because of the pretzel, I'm not sure why but just am not a fan of it in wax.
    When I was reading about Pumpkin Bonfire it made me think of a scent I ran across the other day at Walmart but I cannot lay my finger on the name of it for the life of me. Though I did pick up Vanilla Embers I believe the name was, I think you would enjoy that one. I got it in the fragrance paper rolls.

    1. I am not a fan of pretzel in wax either. Many folks like it but that crispy bread note is just not my thing. But Harvest Cauldron Cider is the bee's knees.

      Those paper rolls look kinda fun. I need to give them a go. And Vanilla Embers... mmmmmm. Sounds similar to marshmallow fireside a little. I am all about that smoky woodsy vanilla.

    2. I have not tried those paper roll thingies but there is one scent (Pumpkin S'mores Latte) that my store only has in that format so I might finally give it a go. I hope they don't burst into flames in a tea light warmer dish! lol


    3. The throw on them bad boys is wonderful too! Fast acting and long lasting!!
      I believe they are only for electric warmers. I copied and pasted below about it

      "Scent Bursts are fragranced paper warmer refills made of natural, Recyclable Paper infused with pure fragrance. They contain no wax, which means there isn’t any wax mess to clean up. With its patented delivery system, Scent Bursts fragrance fast, last long and deliver a higher quality fragrance with even character over time. Enjoy your favorite Better Homes and Gardens fragrance in a whole new way. Scent Bursts can be used with any electric wax melt warmer. They are safe, simple and convenient and they are the mess-free way to fragrance your home."
      I saw even in the comments someone had mentioned contact with SAFE heat. So I would look more into this before using them in a tea light or use them in a electric if you are able to find room to hook one up as I know you say you use them mostly becuase of limited space for electric ones.

  3. I sure miss the days when Dessa was open for about 3 weeks a month:/ I'm not ordering wax right now, so maybe this last preorder is a good thing and I'll catch her in the new year.
    Dessa makes the best cranberry scents, Harvest Cauldron Cider will be a must try. I'm melting through some of my dwindling Dessa's stash and Smoky Mountain Berries is wonderful, not a fan of her peppermint though. Woodland Christmas you say? Perhaps after the holidays...

    1. Yeah.... it is a bit of a bummer that I can't just go on and order any longer. But I am happy for her growth. Now I just need to keep tabs on her FB account so I know when she opens. I have a feeling I will be enjoying these custom loaves. Smoky Mountain Berries is one of my very favorites. It is funny you mention peppermint. I don't really ever crave her peppermints. Winter Solstice is nice and I tried her pure peppermint but it was ok. I did try blending the two this last time in a loaf. Curious to see if I will like it. No biggie if not. I know I will love all the other things I bought.

  4. Hey look, it's an old school wax post! Dessa's certainly seems to be a big draw in the Fall - that seems to be when everybody stocks up (or she's open.) Harvest Cauldron Cider sounds awesome, and a bit like this soap I got from BBW, Pumpkin Apple, I think. It smells fudgin' INCREDIBLE, all pumpkiny apple goodness, love it. :) Enjoy your smell goods.

    1. YEAH BUDDY!!!! Loving the throwback wax. She is definitely the queen of autumn. She has a crazy huge scent list for fall and holiday melting. I make a point to get some every year. I picked up Pumpkin Apple hand soap from BBW recently. I cannot wait to try it out. Using the Halloween Cat one first though.

      Thanks! I am ready to melt some for sure.