Sunday, September 16, 2018

Wick and Fable: Tea With Hagrid Candle

Good morning! I am ready for a lazy Sunday. Well, not too lazy. I have plans today of sweeping and picking up my clothes and baking the first apple pies of the season with the girls. My grandfather is not doing too well so we will be swinging by to give him a small apple pie. But other than that I plan on being kinda lazy. Watching some Charmed, reading some Poe. And having this lovely candle nearby to sniff. 

Wick & Fable's Tea With Hagrid blends Early Grey tea leaves, shaved nutmeg and spiced caramel into a cozy tea blend. The nutmeg and spices are very, very tame in this one. In fact, I don't even really pick up on them. This is mostly a tea scent. A clear, sweet tea that is lightly steeped and softly floral. It burns beautifully with a white wax that swirls with fine glitter. The throw is medium in my large living area. It pairs companionably with my current fall wax melting. I love the label art. 

This 8 ounce candle runs $16 at regular price but I purchased it during their BOGO 1/2 off sale. 

I would consider purchasing this candle again. I am slowly coming around to tea-based scents and this a well crafted, subtle tea to cut my teeth on. I do wish the spice was a bit more prominent but I am sure those who are spice adverse appreciate it just the way it is. 

I just mostly wish I could actually have tea with Hagrid.

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