Saturday, September 29, 2018

Sihaya & Company: Autumn Delights Box

The Autumn Box was given for free from Sihaya & Co. for photography purposes. All opinions my own.

The deliciously gourmand Autumn Delights Box from Sihaya & Company has landed. Normally the seasonal boxes run $65 each but this one was a little less at $50. 

It included a candle, a wax tart, a lip balm, shower cream, perfume, soap and a trio of lollipops all handcrafted by various talented makers.

Hickory Ridge Soap scented in Pumpkin Apple Butter caught my eye immediately. It is a generous size and smells like pure autumn bliss. Pumpkin pie with gingered spice and a side of apple cider. I took it in the bath last night and it felt wonderful on the skin. It bubbled up merrily and the scent became a little more sweeter with the apple once it was wet and lathering. It rinsed without any tightness. The whipped meringue topping was used as a nice exfoliant. I am very happy to have this soap this fall. It normally runs $7.99 but is currently sold out on the Hickory Ridge Soap website.

Nui Cobalt Designs perfume in A La Mode was nestled inside the box. I am a fan of Forest's scents and was thrilled to see this. 

A La Mode- Notes: A marvelously melty concoction of vanilla bean ice cream, warm dulce de leche drizzle and toasted honeyed almonds. $19

In the bottle this scent fluffs up with pillowy vanilla and sweet soft almond. I can practically taste the Haagen Dazs vanilla bean ice cream on my tongue. Sprinkle some slivered almonds on top with a ribbon of caramel and this is the aroma. On the wrist the vanilla lifts up with a touch of the orchid it derives from wafting gently about. The tender floral aspect fades beautifully, morphing into honey so that the skin is drenched in milk and honey. There is a sweetened condensed milk richness that makes this a warm fragrance. 

I recently had some Epically Epic lip balms gifted to me so I was happy to try this one too. 

Pumpkin S'mores- Notes: Pumpkin spice graham crackers, melted marshmallow, whipped cream, white chocolate and a spoonful of pumpkin pie filling. $3.75

This vegan lip balm goes on buttery smooth and feels nourishing on the lips. The scent is... well... epic. The pumpkin and white chocolate pull through the most with graham crackers coming up close. I don't get any of the spice but it is wonderfully creamy. There is no flavor to the balm. After it fades it leaves the lips feeling nice and smooth and hydrated.

Blooddrop Shower Cream scented in Autumn apple, lush caramel, cream and salted popcorn was included. This is a 4 ounce size when Blooddrop normally comes in a 9 ounce size for $16.50, so this would hover around $8.25. Blooddrop recently closed and the owner, Astrid, has opened up Astrid Perfumes.

I have tried a few things from Blooddrop in the past: bath truffles, perfumes, soaps and her Bath Froth (which I freaking adore). I have never tried her Shower Cream though. It smells of apples and caramel corn. It brings to mind carnivals and fairs, festivals and fall snacks. Unfortunately I am not a fan of popcorn in fragranced items. I will be passing this one on to a friend.

Sihaya & Company always contributes a candle to the box. I love the artwork on the label, the glitter that coats the top and the wonderful scent blends. 

Pecan Toffee Pie- Notes: A decadently sweet slice of pecan pie topped with caramelized pralines and melted toffee bits. $12

This 6.5 ounce candle burns well and throws the scent of dark brown sugar and caramel into the air. It has a cozy and warming aroma that compliments a fall evening without having to be doused in spice (not that I mind spice- but a change is good). It throws about medium-light in the larger living area and a solid medium on the nightstand in my bedroom.

Three sweet lollipop confections were in the box from Leccare Lollipops. These look to run at about $1.25 each on Etsy (linked to their shop in their name above if you want a fast click over). Flavors: Apple Pie, Pumpkin Spice and Chocolate with Caramel and Sea Salt. I ate up the Chocolate one and it was delicious. The sea salt studded into it was the perfect touch. It had a light sweet flavor that was not over powering. It reminded me of a chocolate liqueur flavor. I am tucking the other two away for later enjoyment.

This is the first time I have tried a wax tart or have seen them offered by Sihaya & Company. I believe of these three fall scents, only one was randomly added to the boxes. I have all three so I want to share my thoughts with you. I am not sure what the price point would be on these individually. 

Blackberry Bergamot Tea smells fantastic. The blackberries are clear and sweet and really do have that white tea crispness that makes me yearn for a cup. The bergamot keeps the dark berries from being syrupy or jammy. I am wowed by this blend.

Spiked Oak Barrel Cider holds the spiced apple cider sweetness in check with a small glug of oaken bourbon. Two cubes threw strong in the living area and kitchen. 

Oak Lawn (hot coffee and fresh cinnamon buns) is all about that coffee. The coffee does have a bit of cinnamon laced in there, but the coffee is there, front row. Thankfully it is not the puppy toes coffee some wax vendors use. It actually does smell roasted and toasted. 

The wax is soft in these, making for easy breaking. Sometimes they will pop out of the clamshell in one piece and sometimes they don't. But the fragrance load is high and I am looking forward to melting the Blackberry one next. 

If the retail value of the clamshell is $5 then the total value of this box is $60, which is a nice box to get for $50. 

I am on pins and needles awaiting the Sisterhood of the Moon box that is shipping in mid-October. 
Have any plans this weekend? We are about to go and pick up some trash around a lake for the girls' school then I get some lunch and sister time with Lindsey. Other than that I am fully absorbed with reading and maybe some perfume testing.


  1. What a box of delight. That lip balm brand name, lol. I believe I prefer flavor but not fragrance in my lip balms, it may be psychosomatic but I think fragrance balms are more drying. Blackberry Bergamot Tea sounds yummy.
    This is our last partially obligation free weekend till Christmas break, time to clean up the garden:/
    Have a nice weekend!

    1. It was a cheerful autumn gathering of things yummy and spiced. I could see the correlation there with the fragrance = drying in the mind. I do prefer essential oils in my lip balms, especially lavender and peppermint. But I do like a nice fat vanilla too. Britton at Blood Moon Botanica makes an incredible all natural vanilla lip balm that is killer.

      Whoa!!! Busy weekends ahead. It is because of speech season? Hope the garden got some sprucing today. Thank you! I did have a nice weekend. Spent some time with my sister and got to veg out today.