Saturday, September 22, 2018

Good Morning

Good morning! 

The last few weeks full of parent/teacher conferences have finally come to close as of yesterday afternoon. I enjoy chatting with parents and having students lead their own conferences and set their own goals. I will admit that it does take larger amounts of emotional energy from me than a typical day teaching does. I am happy to have them checked off the list. 

My students are currently working on two big projects, a Creation Story project based off of any culture of their choice and research of their Historical Timeline person of interest from the 1700-1899 time period. I am learning so much about The Golden Chain, Pangu and more. There are some really cool creation stories out there. 

This weekend we are trying to relax a bit. My debit card was compromised (again- it was this summer too). So I have to go to the bank and get a new one. I am thinking someone at Sonic has a card reader and is up to no good. It is quite coincidental that both times it was right after I went to Sonic. Not going there any more. 

The most exciting part of this weekend is MegaCon in Tampa! I hope to share some photos from that later. <3

What are you up to? How do you keep debit card fraud down? I am thinking of just taking cash out and going the old fashioned way. Have you ever been to a Con? SHOULD I DRESS UP????


  1. Yes, you should, isn't there a dwarf costume in your closet somewhere? That could work.
    Call the Sonic Corp! My dad is required to do a daily card-reader check at the gas pumps (his "retirement job" is a station attendant) I hate debit cards but they are an unnecessary evil, our credit union moved out of town, lol.
    That fern shot is gorgeous, I can feel the Florida steaminess.

    1. I am so glad I did dress up!! Maybe next year I can do a dwarf or hobbit. That would be fun.

      I am thinking about calling them because it isn’t cool for others to be taken advantage of like that. Are you going to change your bank? I am wondering if I should once we relocate.

      It is hot!!! Lol!! Definitely Jurassic-Esque but I can feel a subtle shift taking place. Soon it will only be mildly hot and steamy.