Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The Poisoner's Guild: Ave Victoria

I am a card holding member of The Poisoner's Guild. No, no. Adam is fine. No need to rush off and alert the authorities. The wizard cops need not fear this mellow muggle. The Poisoner's Guild is a group of scentcrafters that curate boxes of fragrant darkling offerings. I missed the inaugural box but this second collection made it to my doorstep. It is named Ave Victoria, how was I to miss a Victorian themed aroma experience? The box was $45 and arrived a little later than predicted due to some supplying issues. Not a problem for me as they kept the FB group posted, however if I was not a member I would have been concerned.

The box arrived and exceeded my breathless expectations. Especially in the packaging arena.

All the dried botanicals were simply lovely. And see how there is a handkerchief that wraps around the description cards? After traveling about with the incense the hankie was so pleasantly scented.

A sticker and two artistic cards arrived in the box. One tells the tale of a Victorian era female poisoner and the other sets the tone for the box with a deathly dessert. Then of course is my membership card.

Alkemia created a perfume oil for the box in the scent Cyanide.

Cyanide- Notes: Creamy oleander blossoms, absinthe liqueur and iron distilled patchouli delicately bathed in a non-toxic perfumer's accord of potassium cyanide. 

From the amber vial rises up the aroma of sweet and boozy almond. Grazed onto the delicate skin of the wrists arises powdery almond sweetness and lightly spiced absinthe. The heart of Cyanide releases a narcotic flower perfume that is powdery with a lemony honey nectar oozing from its intimate bosom. As the toxin runs through its course it dries down into that clear patchouli with subtle traces of the oleander lingering softly on the fringes.

My first vials of Hexennacht perfumes arrived via this experience in the scents Morphine and Laudanum.

Morphine- Notes: Steamed milk, lavender buds, honeyed apricots, chamomile tea, honey and white amber.

Sweet chewy dried apricots and creamy lavender float up like a hazy dream from the dram. applied topically, Morphine emerges with milky notes that merge with peachy apricot to create a peaches and cream blend with honey drizzled on top. The heart of Morphine holds candied lavender amid the apricots and honey. It is delicious and crystalline and I want to like it like a lollipop. The dry down gets a touch earthier once chamomile seeps in but stays nicely sweet.

Laudanum- Notes: Opium, saffron, ambergris accord, black currant, plum, bergamot, nutmeg, vanilla, black oak, cedar, smoked patchouli, amber, amyris, black pepper, vetiver and white musk. 

I love this scent. Laudanum fragrances always appeal to me. From the vial an intoxicating vapor smolders with darkness, black opium and ebony amber. On the skin the opium wraps its sooty smoothness around the senses. It possesses an ambery warmth that turns slightly animalic from the ambergris accord. Laudanum is dark and cozy, woodsy and warm, smoldering with resins. It is gorgeous.

Strange Fire & Fumery included a travel tin candle and incense.

The candle is in Ether which blends elderflower, moonflower and ozone. This small tin scented my bedroom with beautiful gauzy flowers and freshness. It is a lovely candle and burns well.

Opium incense features dragon's blood, jasmine and devil's trumpet. Twenty sticks were generously included and they smell excellent and burn easily yet slowly. Opium produced a heady resinous incense that filled the room wonderfully. 

A tin of handcrafted teas and four parma violet candies were the last bits of divinity to emerge from the petal strewn box. 

Steepology teas in Earl Grey de la Creme, Lemon Mint Cooler and Royal Velvet.  I steeped and drank the Lemon Mint Cooler and it was nice. It turned a bright pinkish red color and had that fruity taste that Celestial Seasonings Lemon Zinger has. If it was more of a lemon and mint I probably would have enjoyed it a touch more but I do look forward to drinking the other two. 

The parma violet candies are a pleasant hard candy treat. I will happily enjoy them. 

I am happy with this purchase. The box was presented beautifully with great attention to detail. The items within are all crafted with passion and talent. I would be up for purchasing another Poisoner's Guild box in the future.


  1. Mmm, Morphine sounds nice (the perfume, not the painkiller, which now that I think about it - knock on wood - I've never enjoyed(?)) But! I just read an article this morning about a woman (amateur romance/crime novelist, actually) who offed her husband, and one of the bits of evidence linking her to the crime was a blog post she wrote titled "How to Kill Your Husband"! Not that I think Adam needs to sleep with one eye open or anything, but...! ;) Anyhow, lessons learned - don't telegraph your murders on social media. I think that's just wise life advice, period.

    1. Morphine is delicious! Very yummy. The perfume. The perfume, for sure. How AWFUL about that husband! What a terrible lady. I am glad she left behind the evidence needed to get her fanny caught. People can be so evil and gross.

      Sometimes I wish people wouldn't telegraph a lot of things on social media TBH. But hey. That is what the "mute" and "unfollow" buttons are for. X-D

  2. The Poisoners Guild boxes always look and sound so delectable. I have yet to buy one or anything individually from their website.
    I'm glad you've gotten to try some more Strange Fire & Fumery and Hexennacht- Jinx and Caroline make some of my favorite scents. Such talented, wonderful people. The other vendors I still haven't tried, but will hopefully someday soon. :D

    1. They are pretty great if this one is anything to go by. The incense just might be my favorite thing in the whole box next to the handkerchief. <3 I enjoy boxes like these to try new vendors through.