Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Mermaid Treasure: Freyja Jewels

Check out my new mandrake buddy. Isn't he the sassiest?! This mandrake was hand crafted by Freyja Jewels and sold through Kate and Marie's Etsy store. I have only had interactions with Kate but I am not really sure who forges which creations. These mandrakes are hand cast and hand sculpted. These are truly one-of-a-kind pieces. Only 50 will be made in total. 

In fact, he is lightly numbered on his back. I think mine is 32/50. 

Look at those legs. They make me chuckle.

He comes on an 18" necklace with a 2" extender. I love to wear him with my broomstick (Nimbus 2000, ahem) necklace from Sam Ryde. 

The customer service from Freyja is fabulous, the silver jewelry pieces are fanciful and unique, and they accept payment options. 

Do you have any fandom jewelry? 


  1. umm.. can we say PRECIOUS! How magically sweet is this?! Perfectly screams you Julie and a perfect addition to your broom. <3

    1. Thank you so much!!!! He really is one of my favorite new buddies. He makes my Harry Potter fandom days more enjoyable. <3 Rachel at Dida Metals is making some Deathly Hallow rings and Luna Lovegood spectosperes. I think those would be fun to wear too.

  2. Hello witty bitty mandrake fewwa, don't be grouchy. Why does this piece make me speak baby talk? It's magical I guess, love the fully realized form. One of my favorite moments of the series is year two Herbology class, it should be required learning!

    1. LOL! Thanks!

      I love the herbology class scenes too. I can fully picture myself as Professor Sprout. In fact, I think she will be the next cosplay person I attempt. That would be fun!

      In real life though, I am becoming very interested in herbology. I have a bunch of used herb books coming in the mail and there are some courses I want to take once the girls graduate high school.