Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Vintage Chic Scents: Stranger Things Release

After placing a very small order with Kirby at Vintage Chic Scents during her Rocky Horror Picture Show release, it finally hit me... Kirby isn't just sticking to 1960 and older themes any longer! And sure enough when the newest release was announced and it was Stranger Things, I had to admit I was excited that she broadened her branding. The older "vintage" themes are fun of course, but I am sure after so long that they become hard to keep up, becoming more and more obscure as ideas are used. 

I have discovered after years of melting Kirby's goodies that I am a huge fan of her spiced bakery scents. Edelweiss is my personal favorite of the bunch. But I did branch out and try other blends this time. 

I picked up a loaf in:

Spiced Pumpkin Embeds with Gingersnap Jackie O Overpour  for $19.10 plopped into my cart. All the spicy pumpkin with marshmallow birthday cake and Vanilla Bean Noel sounded just like what I needed. And I did. It smells like a chewy gingerbread cookie sandwich with fluffy vanilla frosting smeared in between. The spice is not overwhelming but it is definitely gingerbread with lots and lots of sweet vanilla creaminess. It threw medium-strong in the kitchen and living areas. I am thrilled with this choice and will be looking into exploring more spiced Jackie O scents.

I also picked up a few Four Packs of her coins. 

Should I Stay or Should I Go? - Notes: Sugared apple pumpkin clove butter. $5.30

I saw apple clove butter and was sold. It is one of my favorite scents from Beezy. This one proved to be just as good. Just a hint of creamy spiced pumpkin is joined with the sweet spiced applesauce of apple clove butter. I love this one on cold so much that I went ahead and picked this scent up in the bars just last night.

Remember my love of Edelweiss? I picked up two Four Packs of Pumpkin Edelweiss for $5.30 each. Gently spiced gingerbread cake with thick frosting is blended with pumpkin pie. It is less gingery than the loaf above but a touch more rich in pumpkin. I saw that Edelweiss is offered in pie slices so I put a few of those in my cart last night too.

Hawkin's Lab  interested me with it's description of spiced autumn wreath. It is nice aroma of crisp leaves and dry apple cinnamon. It has been ages since I have sniffed Yankee Candle's Autumn Wreath but this makes me want to. I think between the name and the scent, that this is a happy combination.

I am excited to see that the individual leaf shapes are for sale now. Sometimes I just want to sample a scent before I dive into a Four Pack or a loaf. These were $2.90 each. 

Murder House Coven- Notes: Spiced pumpkin, cinnamon bark and cloves.

A deep pumpkin and heavy spice fragrance. It is strange but there is almost a sweet black tea vibe to it. Maybe all the spice is bringing chai to mind. But I like it.

Cozy Jackie O meshes warm spices and marshmallow birthday cake noel. Simply put. I need this in a loaf. Please. Another great example of Kirby's talent with creamy spiced bakery. Deeply in love. 

Have you picked anything up from Vintage Chic Scents lately? Are you excited about fall? 

What are you melting?


  1. I love Vintage Chic scents they always throw well and the shapes and designs are so cute.

    1. I am enjoying VCS too. The spiced bakery makes my knees weak. The shapes are super cute. The leaves have always been favorites of mine. <3

  2. Since VCS has been selling smaller shapes in lots of blends, I've been able to shop more frequently and I am so happy. There's so many blends I've wanted to try and with more affordable options for me and smaller quantities I don't have to commit to, I'm excitedly melting lots of yummy new goodness.
    And I am so totally ready for Fall. Fall is my favorite season and the time of year I feel most like myself, in my soul. <3
    I'm melting whatever. I find I don't stay too seasonal. ;)

    1. You are exactly right!! I had no idea she was selling the smaller leaves until this restock. I am loving that option. What I love even more is that enough quantities are being poured that it is no longer the mad dash. I can actually go on and grab what I want pretty much whenever around the restock.

      Me too, lady. The fall bug has fully bitten me. I am so happy for you feeling good in the fall. I am too. <3

  3. I've noticed they'll restock some items that sell out super fast a few days after the restock. I've seen Kirby make announcements or people just find out as they continue to stalk the website.
    I've been following VCS for just over a year now and I'm really loving all these newer recent changes. They've definitely bumped up into being among my favorite wax vendors. I try not to keep favorites, since everyone is so different. ;)

    1. Oh cool! Thank you for letting me know. Now I will pop back in if something is sold out that I may want.

      I am liking these changes too. I am crossing my fingers that Cozy Jackie O comes back around. I am ready for bucket loads of it.

      And you are absolutely right, it is hard to pick favorites when each vendor is good at different things/scents/details.

  4. Ooh, Jackie O, such a great blend. Jay gave me an entire stinkin' loaf of Jackie O and...hmm, can't remember the other scent right now, but it might be one of the sugar milk blends. It's pretty great, bet it smells awesome with spicy pumpkiny bits. Enjoy your goodies, sounds like ordering from VCS is not quite the rush-to-the-cash event it used to be (thankfully, sounds like it was stressful.)

    1. Nice!! I bet that makes for a nice mixer. It is a yummy vanilla staple. It is much nicer now that I don't have to mad dash it (not that I ever really did that all too often-no patience for all that when it comes to wax). Now, a nice shiny coffee mug? I will mad dash for that sometimes.