Friday, June 20, 2014

FuturePrimitive Bar Soap and Bath Bomb Review

The Warrior (on the right) was the first to hit the cutting block and be put to use. The scent description is: "A salty, wooden war ship misted with seaspray. The scent of tarred rope, crates of Isreali figs, citrus fruits, and rich spices, and the rarest Frankincense & Amber resins wrapped in sail cloth." The soap is firm and beautiful; look at those waves cresting in a gradient from indigo to aqua to the creamy white peaks. Water and friction created a creamy soft lather that rinsed cleanly. No tightness or residue. The scent really exploded with lathering. The notes combined to create an extrodinarily beautiful ancient treasure chest of spices and resins. The amber and frankincense come through the best, not earthy and dry but sweetened from the figs and citrus. I do hope this makes her General Catalog.

Festival is the catalyst that ignited my order with FuturePrimitive. Here is the scent description on the wrapper: "A heady waft of Nag Champa incense dipped in thick, black Indonesian Patchouli with a passing puff of smoke from a travellers' house on wheels." This is tucked away for late summer bathing.

Tilting deck, hit the crest of a wave... hold on to the railings!

 The Summer Sampler was the second thing to hit the cart... I love trying everything! Left to Right: Cold Pillow, Rolling Hills, The Warrior, Black Sands, and Trade Winds. After The Warrior, my favorite is Trade Winds; it is tropical in a sophisticated cocoa butter and coconut way.

Lavenders Black (on the right) was used last night. Floating lavender buds, ghostly lilac colored water, and the relaxing aroma of fresh, real lavender was the result. It fizzed strongly and for a decent amount of time. I was surprised to find it was emollient as well. There was a slight slickness left on my skin upon emerging from the waters. After towel drying, my skin did not feel dry or "thirsty" like it usually does post bathing.

Rook and Raven (on the left) is being saved for vacation.

I would happily repurchase soap and bath bombs from FuturePrimitive with no reservation. High quality, fantastic scents, beautiful presentation.


  1. I've purposely ignored bath bombs save for the occasional Lush bombs here and there, but now I'm very, very intrigued. Need bath bombs soon! I'm going to mosey on over to the future primitive site ....

    1. I enjoy them for a little ambience during bath time. I usually just use BBW shower gels as bubble bath but they leave me feeling so dry. Happy browsing! I am going to wait until the end of season sale she has to get some more yummies.