Monday, June 2, 2014

Super Tarts

I placed a very small order during Super Tarts last restock (I want to say sometime in April?). Having ordered two samplers, two super pans, one large flower and one website order previously, I am pretty familiar with the tarts.
Flower Funsies: sweet lavender/peppermint cream/marshmallow
There was one scent is this go 'round I knew I had to try:Gooey Gardenia Explosion. The rest of the scents are:
Lucky Lemon- reminiscent of Fruit Loops but with a brighter lemon note.
Magically Delicious- has a more bready, cereal note than Fruit Loops, I feel like I can even get the little candy marshmallows in this.
Fake N Bake- the top of the shot smells like a creamy zucchini bread and the bottom gets a deeper almost cherry-almond note to it.
Lavender Citrus Dream- mostly citrus with a hint of lavender, a beautiful cleaning day scent.
Gooey Gardenia Explosion- this is a gardenia that has that true indolic note of a noir type gardenia based perfume, sweetend with sugar.
Free Sample in President Snow- creamy sweet rose with a mint back note. I have been thowing a mint/rose pairing around in my mind for a bit now, it is nice to smell it executed.
All descriptions are based on what I smell on cold. These may not actually have the notes listed and may change when melted.

Super Tarts will be doing a huge Fandom Frenzy next weekend with clamshells.


  1. Glad you got your order and you like everything! Lavender Citrus Dream sounds really nice. She has some great and different scent combos! Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be ordering from her again, though, as I have yet to receive my winnings from the auction still. :(

    1. :-( frowny face fo sho. I totally understand and wish you had your bag of tarts too. Transparency is a valuable thing to have in customer service.

  2. Also, I just love that picture of you. :)

  3. You have some great eyebrows sister! I just received my order today as well. I loved that there was a scent list included. Impressed with how creamy delicious fake n bake was.

    1. Thanks! Mine look like fuzzy caterpillars laying above my eyes if not tamed. I didn't get a scent list. Probably since my order was teeny tiny. Fake N Bake is really good!