Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sniff My Tarts: Mystery Box

MMMmmmmm... it's no mystery... these tarts need a' sniffin'.

This is my second Mystery Box from Sniff My Tarts and I am happy with it. If the list was open I would hop right back on. But alas, it is not. So I will wait patiently until my name on the Mystery Bag list scoots on up. Meanwhile, let us peruse the goods, shall we?

A half sheet in Sweet Lavender Marshmallow Cake. I honestly could not be anymore happier to have this! SMT created a lovely creamy bakery lavender with this blend. Not herbal or detergent. Those buds. They may end up in my bath.

These chunky scallops are in Fresh Strawberry/Pink Sweet Cream. The strawberry is jammy and sweet. The pink sweet cream has a milky component that I am not sure of on cold, luckily the pink is powerful. I don't really jive with milk scents, but I will try one melted. Adventure awaits!

L to R: Vanilla Waffle Cone/Iced Pineapple/Strawberry Jam- Mostly pineapple with a touch of vanilla cone floating behind.
Pina Colada/Serendipity/Blueberry- Wonderfully tropical fruit. Serendipity in this is forefront with pina colada and blueberry mixing nicely as harmony.
Cotton Candy Bliss/Honeydew Melon/Pina Colada (the last two)- Dominate pina colada that is nicely rounded out by the candied melons.

L to R: Vanilla Marshmallow Smoothie/Caramel/Celtic Moonspice- large chunk, strong butterbrickle type scent full of cinnamon and spices.
Zucchini Bread/Pumpkin Pecan Waffle/Sticky Marshmallow- pumpkin pecan waffle is sweetened by the marshmallow but not creamier, it is also amplified in strength from the zucchini bread (no corn chip note).
French Toast- mild cinnamon dough scent.

L to R: Peppermint/Spearmint/Pink Sugar- gorgeous, I am so biased, pink peppermint. Mm. Ok, strong and refreshing sweet spearmint gum scent with an extra dose of coolness. Pink is toned down for the moment but nicely in the background.
Sticky Marshmallow/Peppermint/Coconut Cream Pie (next two)- creamy coconut and marshmallow with minty accord. Almost the slightest buttery note.
Frost Bite/Vanilla Bean Noel/Spearmint- teeny tiny yumminess, I will use this blend next opening. White chocolate hot cocoa with peppermint swizzle sticks. Great Christmas time scent.

L to R: Cotton Candy/Watermelon/Orange Sherbet- Summer gelati mix of orange and watermelon Italian ice.
Vanilla Sugar/Pomegranate/Fresh Strawberry- these scents combine to create the best possible Strawberry Shortcake doll scent ever... I have huffed quite a few. Soft sweet strawberry.
Raspberry Guava/Mango Sorbet/Acai Berry- Wow. Bright concentrated mango accompanied with red, red berries bursting with juice. I am slightly picky with fruit scents and this one is a winner. So tiny! :-( Lament.
Pink Noel/Orange Chiffon Cake- reminisceint of a Bath and Body Works scent; sweet cakes, citrus, vanilla, and musk.

L to R:  Marshmallow Cake/Fruity Pebbles/Cotton Candy Bliss- creamy sweet lemon lime, not much cake or cereal on cold.
Sugar Milk/Strawberry Jam/Georgia Peach- A peach cobbler milk shake. But again, not liking the milk aspect.
Zucchini Bread/Peaches 'N Cream/Strawberry Jam- Strong corn chippy zucchini bread. I am pretty sure it is the overpour. Maybe this will mellow a bit over time. 
Ice Cream Cake Batter/Wildberry Mousse/Pink Sugar- I love this. Mostly creamy vanilla pink sugar with a touch of sweet berry.


  1. Maybe it's like RG filling sampler orders by using the leftovers from custom orders, but how is it that these Mystery Boxes go out when regular orders have such a long TAT? I don't expect you to have the answer. I'm just sayin' . . .

    Lots of yumminess in there!


    1. You are right, that is just what they do. They make these from the extra leftovers from orders. I am hoping my mystery bag comes around august then my order in September. Hard to believe it has been over 2 1/2 months already.

  2. Hi Julie! I'm catching up one everyone's blogs today as I plot my unexpected RG order lol. These pictures are STUNNING lady. Is the wood backdrop your floor? I'd love to know what kind of wood it is. It reminds me of driftwood, so fitting for the theme of this blog. Anyways, this may just be the best mystery box from SMT ever! Lucky duck! I see you got a few blends from my order, Pink/Peppermint/Spearmint and Pina Colada/Serendipity/Blueberry, which just happened to be my favorite blends from my order =) Enjoy your goodies and keep up the awesome work on this blog <3

    1. Hi Jacqui!! <3 RG openings are exciting. It is a rare treat. Glad you are going to get a little something! Thank you for the compliments! I took a class and I am loving tinkering with the settings. Yes, we finally got new floors after 10 years of gross carpet. It is laminate flooring made by Parkay in the forest collection, Ash Acacia color. I aimed for a driftwood color and the guy installing it tried to tell me grey would be hard to match with decor but I assured him I knew what I wanted :-) silly guys. This box really hit the spot! I am digging just about everything. Your spearmint peppermint made my eyes roll back in my head. I love the piña colada/serendipity/blueberry too. Never would have thought to blend those! I am excited that I ended up with some of your blends <3 it was meant to be! Thank you for supporting me Jacqui. I appreciate it!! Have a great weekend coming up! May we have fast fingers.