Saturday, June 14, 2014

Up The Creek Scents

Up The Creek Scents is a vendor I enjoy. My first UTC tarts came in a lovely destash from a waxy friend. The strength, longevity and scents themselves were impressive. This is the second small order I have placed with them.

Sunnee over at Fragrance Obsessed reeled me right in with her recent order full of yummy smells and blends from UTC. I found myself perusing the website (their 4 packs are great) and landed on one of the last bags of pecan waffles. For $10.00 plus shipping, the bag includes 12 tarts. I was refunded some of my shipping expense due to placing a small order, which was really sweet.

The scent is strong, authentic and perfect for a chilly rainy day. These waffles are thick, with a fat pat of real salted butter melting into the center. The pecans are baked right into the waffle. I do not get much sweet sauce or praline feel to these.

The free sample was in American Cream... I am shaking my head with the wonder of it. Smelling this wax next to the actual conditioner, I can safely say this is an excellent duplication. Vanilla, not just the bean but more of the orchid laying alongside of it. Refined, elegant florals, subdued, not shrieking. Truly a beautiful scent.

Happy melting today! We will be praying the summer storms hold off a wee bit so we can have some water fun for Scarlette's birthday. Filled all the warmers with RG Monster Cookie Fluff Puffs, could there be a better birthday smell?


  1. I'm really wanting to order from Up the Creek, and it was Sunnee's post that did it for me too. I'll have to browse the site and see what calls to me. =)

    And how cool that you got American Cream, with your curiosity after seeing it on the RG list. Or were you able to request it?


    1. Sunnee is a great sales lady ;-) I hope you see something you like. American cream was a total surprise! In fact the first time I ordered from UTC I did not get any samples so I was nicely surprised to get this and the fact it was something I am totally obsessing over is a bonus.