Sunday, June 22, 2014

Melting Basket 4

Tarts I would repurchase from the previous basket include: TTT- Pride & Prejudice this one melted beautifully, nice throw and long lasting, clean and sweet amber and sandalwood scent, RG- Earth Angel, SMT- Brown Sugar Pecan/Sugar Cookie Brulee/Vanilla Marshmallow Smoothie long name but these 3 blended to make a strong, rich, creamy bakery scent, Sugar & Spice- Pink Noel thank you for this gift Lauren! A wonderfully strong Pink Sugar dupe with extra vanilla that knocked my socks off.

Rosegirls- Snowflake melted previoulsy and would absolutely repurchase, knockout peppermint and creamy marshmallow smoothie
Rosegirls- Frosted Streuselkuchen melted previously and repurchased in a pie
Rosegirls- Manic Mario Madness
Rosegirls- Gilligan's Brew/Vanilla Ice Cream/Florida Key Lime Pie muffin
Sniff My Tarts- Sweet Lavender Marshmallow Cake/Pink Vanilla Butter Fudge I had a whole sheet cake of this from last opening and I have already melted through it, this is my lone, last chunk... very sweet and buttery with a touch of lavender, definite repurchase
Sniff My Tarts- Pink Noel/Orange Chiffon Cake
Sniff My Tarts- Sugar Milk/Strawberry Jam/Georgia Peach
iheartwax- Watermelon Patch/Cotton Candy Guava last chunk!
TTT- Hot Pink Serendipity
TTT- Pink Sugar
TTT- Sea Cotton melted previously, strong clean dupe of BBW Sea Island Cotton
Up The Creek- American Cream
The Bathing Garden- Beach Bum
Sugar & Spice- Fruit Loop Fluff Cake (gift <3)
Super Tarts- Peppermint Cookie
Super Tarts- Ice Cream & Cookies
Beezy- Strip & Go Naked (gift <3)

If you have any questions about these tarts or previously melted tarts, holler! It looks to be good melting. Hope everyone who wanted to get in a Rosegirls order was able to do so, I am excited and thankful for what I was able to squeeze in.


  1. I'm saving my bag of Snowflake for around Christmas, but I will be dipping into my Peppermint Coconut Mallow very soon since that one is not Christmas-y to me.

    Lots of yummies in that basket! =)


    1. Snowflake is perfect for Christmas. Smells like the best candy cane ever. Thankfully my dear friend picked up two bags so I have a holiday back up ;-D Seriously, thank you. The coconut in the other one really changes the scent doesn't it? I love them both. I am looking forward to melting American Cream, Strip and Go Naked and Beach Bum (this one is a year old, my oldest wax to date so I am curious how it turns out).

  2. Just dropping in to say what a lovely blog you have here :) Gorgeous pics and sumptuous descriptions. Your blog makes me want to step up my bathing game. For years it's been me and a bar of Dove soap in there lol - or if I was feeling frisky a teeny freebie bottle of hotel bubble bath. But some of your soaps are basically pieces of art and I'm very intrigued. Love the blog - I'll be back :)

    1. Thank you Mel!! It is nice to meet you. <3 Honestly I am just reemerging back into the handmade bathing world too. My husband's Zest was in heavy rotation for a few years. Thankfully Deb rescued me. :-) I hope to see you again soon! Have a great week ahead.

  3. That SMT on the rebuy list sounds amazing! I also have some Pink Noel from the lovely Lauren, I'm gonna grab that to melt tomorrow!
    My main squeeze was a miss huh? You know, I've heard it has too much lime. I like da lime!

    1. Strip and Go Naked?? I have not melted that one yet :-) My melting baskets are mostly "to be" melted but if I have used it before I put my thoughts next to the scent. I love lime!! The more tart the better! In fact... I will pop it in this morning. No time like the present. Thank you for letting me try it. <3

  4. YEA! My comment privileges are back!

    1. Woohoo! I missed you!!! Glad you are able to comment again. Hope you have a great week Sunnee!

  5. Glad you had good luck with Pink Noel, it was gooood and cured! You're already out of your sheet cake in Sweet Lavender Marshmallow Cake/Pink Vanilla Butter Fudge?! OH MY!! I guess it was a winner! :D

    All of the TTT in your #4 basket sounds incredible, it's good to see she's doing better with the new wax. I just had to throw a bunch of her stuff away because it wouldn't throw, but was in her old wax formula. Also, just finished my Beach Bum clamshell from TBG, let me know how you liked it and how it performed for you in whatever warmer you used. I am starting to thing TBG has the Beezy problem where you need to melt their stuff soon, or else it'll loose some of its steam. Could be all in mah brain, though!

    1. Pink Noel was seriously great. Thank you Lauren! TTT has been pretty good! I have had a few lighter ones but that happens with any vendor for me. I already melted her pink sugar and it was kind of light but really nice and long lasting.
      I am interested to see about Beach Bum. It is my oldest tart by far. I am going to put 3 cubes in the kitchen and 3 in the bedroom tomorrow and report back. Hope you day was good, friend!

    2. Melted beach bum. It is really strong in my bedroom and medium in the kitchen/living room. It is so nice! I did use the whole clamshell. How did your beach bum go?