Saturday, June 28, 2014

Melting Basket 5

That last basket (#4) was a doozy! I would repurchase almost every tart in there... yikes. Here they are: RG- Snowflake and Frosted Streuselkuchen, SMT- Sweet Lavender Mallow Cake/Pink Vanilla Butter Fudge and Pink Noel/Orange Chiffon Cake this one I am excited to have coming in my March 31st order, it is really strong and the scent is the sweetest vanilla cake with orange zest accents and vanilla musk, TTT- Hot Pink Serendipity this was in her new scent shot, the throw was great and the scent was a lime rich serendipity, tropical, UTC- American Cream this one threw super strong all day long and into the night, 12 hours easy, beautiful sweet floral and musk scent, TBG- Beach Bum even after being a year old it was still pretty strong and nice, Coppertone feel, Beezy- Strip 'N Go Naked bright, strong lime and fruit punch scent, happy fruity margarita time.

Streetman- Summer Lovin'
Streetman- Watermelon Cooler
Butterfly Lane Scents- Key Lime Pie/Sarah's Sugar Cookies
Butterfly Lane Scents- Mango Lime Smoothie
Better Homes & Gardens- Tahitian Black Orchid (<3 gift)
Two Timing Tart- Seduction
Rosegirls- Pink Sandalwood
Rosegirls- Vanilla Oak/Vanilla Musk/Wild Honey Bee muffin
Super Tarts- Lucky Lemons
Sniff My Tarts- Zucchini Bread/Peaches 'n Cream/Strawberry Jam
Sniff My Tarts- Marshmallow Cake/Cotton Candy Bliss/Fruity Pebbles
Sniff My Tarts- Frost Bite/Vanilla Bean Noel/Spearmint
iheartwax- Raspberry Cream/Vanilla Wafer Cookies/Marshmallow (<3 gift)
Glitterati- Orange Lace Cake (<3 gift)
Glitterati- White Sugar Plumeria (<3 gift)
Glitterati- Lemon Meringue/Toasted Coconut (<3 gift)

This basket is smaller since we will be leaving for vacation soon and many of these have multiple uses. I will still be posting as regular. If you are curious about any of these scents or previously melted scents in prior baskets please ask! Today marks The Mermaid's one month on the interwebz! 



  1. You went through that last basket FAST! Good job melting through everything with haste! WOOHOO, now time to order more, JK JK. :P

    Hot Pink Serendipity from TTT was out of stock when I was browsing her site, boo! This basket sounds good, too, except for that zukeypukeycornchippybread, LOL. Remember to let me know how watermelon cooler is! <3

    1. I only used one chunk each from the RG bags :-) now that I am home for the summer I melt a lot more than I would during the school year. My stash is turning over nicely. Making lots of room for my SMT and RG orders. I will report back on the watermelon cooler. I will melt it tomorrow. Happy bonfire time!

    2. Melting watermelon cooler now and it is good! Sweet watermelon, not fresh but not overly candy either. Just like the drink I make without the mint and lime. A refreshing watermelon juice drink sweetened with sugar. :-)

  2. One month already?! That doesn't even seem possible.

    I definitely want to know what you think of all of those 'gift' ones. =)


    1. I melted 2 cubes of BHG orchid in my bedroom and it was very nice. Strong, long lasting fruity floral. I also melted orange lace cake today in kitchen. Very strong and thick like caramel. A rich orange cake for sure! Nothing light and lace like about it. I enjoyed both. Thank you Deb! Hope you have a good night.

  3. Yay, congrats on the one month!