Sunday, June 15, 2014

Moon's Harvest Bath & Body Shop

Moon's Harvest Bath and Body has piqued my interest for several months now. I have read reviews and watched some hauls but nothing was ever conclusive. A couple of weeks ago during my bathing goods drought I decided I needed to just give them a go. I felt like Madison missing the ocean and just needed a bath fizzy fix.
I ordered on 5/28/14 and it arrived on 6/12/14. Shipping can be steep if only ordering a couple of items: $9.85
In the photo above, foreground L to R: 
Herbal Bling Melt: Relief Drop- There is tulle netting around this little melt. It is nice if you do not want petals floating around your bath, but I actually like petals in my bath. It is romantic, until one gets caught in a fold or something. The peppermint and eucalyptus scent prompted this choice. This lil guy purports to relieve: sinuses, sore throats (I could have used this a few days ago!), chest colds and acts as a topical antiseptic. Hm! Melts are meant to be more moisturizing rather than foaming or bubbling. After Use: This little melt released a very pleasant cooling scent which was a strange juxtaposition with the hot water. Moisturizing and relaxing. One use. $2.50
Moon Glo: "Sweet Lucidity: A Vampire Masquerade"- I had a weird moment with these guys. I saw the name Moon Glo, and on the site they look all squishy in texture so I associated them with Moon Sand. In reality they are very dry and powdery. Not a bad thing, just not what I was expecting in my brain. The vendor desciption is: "Hidden behind ornate masks, all hungry eyes will be upon you as you experience dancing on air surrounded by sweet flowers, embraced by the arms of your immortal." Again, I was expecting some type of gardenia or jasmine. (Aunt Smellman's Vampire Kiss did it!!! Sooo gooooood). What I smell is a floral SweetTart. After use: I used half of this in the tub under running hot water. It created a beautiful light blue and sparkling water. There was a thin layer of fizzy tiny bubbles that dispersed as soon as I got in. The scent became less floral SweetTarts and more slightly aquatic floral. This product really did impart a wonderful moisturizing effect. I shaved my legs and did not need to apply lotion after getting out and drying off. That is unheard of for me. I only wish it had more fun bubble/fizz/foam action. Oh and beware: glitter was still clinging to me the next morning. Two uses from this. $4.95

sample of Foaming Whipped Sugar Scrub in Sugar Sugar- A sweet marshmallow scent, but some strange plastic or artificial quality lingers. After use: It scrubs nicely, slightly larger granules than The Bathing Garden scrubs. It does lather a bit but not really a lush foam. Rinses well with no film.
Moon Glo: "Sleep Time Lullaby"- This scent is wonderul. It is a very herbal lavender sage blend with bit of wood and forest coming through. Two uses expected. $4.95
Herbal Bling Melt: Rosey Drop- A beautiful, vintage, proper, Victorian rose. I think of rose talc powders and rose scented lipsticks in gold tubes, hybrid tea roses in English gardens. One use, $2.50
Background L to R:
Bubble Bar: I <3 Lavender- Why yes, yes I do <3 lavender. Straight up, herbal lavender. Reminds me of The Bathing Garden scent Aromatherapy Relaxation with the lavender buds strewn across the top. Pure lavender. After Use: Broke this in two and glad I did. Wonderful bubble production, dark purple waters, and very strong lavender scent. The scent was borderline too detergent and too strong but not quite so much that I disliked it. Should probably have broken into three pieces. Two uses from this gal, easy. $5.25
Bubble Bar: OMG Olive- This hunk a hunk bubblin' bar is a dupe for Lush's Olive Branch and it is well executed. I will break it into two uses. $5.25

Moon's Harvest does have a nice value for the money. The sugar scrub is not my favorite, but I am thankful to have had it as a sample. I am open to ordering more bubble bars and possibly trying other bath items. There really is a wide selection of goods on the site.

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