Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Melting Basket

I have been using a melting basket recently to help me choose my scents quickly and make sure I am using my oldest scents first in some cases. This is my 3rd basket I have melted from. I have 5 warmers in my home. Only two get changed regularly, my bedroom and living room/kitchen (both are hotplates). The guest bathroom can go days without changing, as well as the girls' rooms (all 3 are bulb warmers). My wax stash is probably medium to medium small for a waxy lady. It all fits in a medium 3 drawer Sterilite organizer.
Here are the scents I will be melting in the next week and a half or so:
RG Peppermint Noel (only 2 chunks left) melted before, great strong creamy mint
RG Snowflake (will only use 2 chunks)
RG Donkey Kong Destruction
RG Life Could Be A Dream
RG Frosted Summer Breeze
RG Berry Lovely Birthday Cake
iheartwax Fruit loops/Fruity pebbles/Lemon cookie melted before strong lemon cereal scent
iheartwax Pistachio fluff/Coconut cream pie/Toasted marshmallow melted previously, not as creamy as I wanted it to be
iheartwax Pink strawberry/serendipity blended from Lolo's review, amazing scent!
Daphne's Carnivale
Daphne's County Fair
Daphne's Melon Madness
Sniff My Tarts (SMT) Mallow Zucchini
SMT Sweet lavender cake/Pink vanilla butter cookie melted before, lovely creamy bakery lavender
Beezy Paradise Bay
Beezy Iced Lemon Cookies
Beezy Chubba Dubba
Streetman Beach Party
Streetman Lemonberry Fields Forever
Streetman Mallowolf
Super Tarts Gooey Gardenia Explosion
Better Homes & Gardens (BHG) Lemon Peppercorn
Candles From The Keeping Room (CFTKR) Marshmallow Fluff
Crabby Candle Co Nag Champa
Wilma (OLC) Pink Chubba Dubba
Butterfly Lane Scents Vanilla Waffle Cone
If you are curious about how any of the scents perform please feel free to ask about them. Fins up!


  1. RG Peppermint Noel? Oh my, I don't know if I've heard of that one. Adding another to my list, hehe!

    I think my ENTIRE stash would fit into that basket. Then again, I only one warmer so it takes me longer to get through less.


    1. You are the angel that picked that up for me in the virgin store run. <3 I think the glory that is Peppermint Coconut Mallow overshadowed poor Peppermint Noel for you. It IS a bog basket! And I have already melted a few out of it. I hope you have a good day Deb. Off to work!

    2. Big... Not bog... Finger typing. :-(

    3. I did?! Wow, I'm losing it! LOL

      Oh ha, just dug back through my scribble notes and yep, there it is along with my note to get it for Christmas. LOL!!!


  2. You have a plumeria tree at your house? Beautiful!
    I love the idea of a basket. How often do you change out scents on a day you're home and around the house?

    1. Sorry! I didn't use reply... I just jumped in commenting back lol!

  3. Yes we have a nice sized white/yellow you see here and my MIL rooted a pink one for me from her tree. I just need to figure where to plant it. They grow so huge!
    I change out my warmers only once Mon-Fri but Sat and Sun I can anywhere from twice to four times depending on how I like it or the strength. Which means once summer break starts in two days.... My wax will be dwindling! How about you on days off and home? I think it helps I only really use two warmers so it isn't a hassle to change out.

  4. Excellent list of melts in your basket! How are RG Frosted Summer Breeze and Beezy Paradise? How do they smell on cold? LOVE the flowers surrounding the basket. :)

    1. Frosted summer breeze is a strong laundry scent great for cleaning or laundry days. On cold I don't get much "frosting." I melted Beezy Paradise today and loved it! Very strong citrus with maybe a hint if other tropical fruits. I wanted to showcase some of our yard flowers :-)

  5. Holy smokes sis. You are the Kris Kringle of wax.

    And your pictures are looking mighty beautiful. Great blog!!

    1. Thank you! Come to the waxy workshop when you are running low...