Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Two Timing Tart

Two Timing Tart: I love this name! What I really enjoy even more is how ding dang fast this order came. Y'all. I ordered on her site at 2:36 and got a CNS and confirmation from the owner that it was dropped off at the post office (NOT just printed!!) at 2:50. TAT like a beast.
I have this dream of getting high end smelling wax. Dupes of Serge Lutens, L'Artisan or JAR perfumes. (Ok, JAR is a bit much at $280.00 for only 5 mL but still...) TTT fills that gap for me. I have ordered from her before in her FB group. The product was Sea Cotton in brittle, which is phenomenal by the by. I got it by answering a Game of Thrones question. GREAT books. Do not ask me about the show. I don't partake. But back to TTT...
I am a sucker for handwritten notes. The handwriting is a stunning bonus.
I ordered 6 clamshells during a 25% off sale (she is transitioning to scent shots). Her scent desciptions are great fun to read. I will include just the notes below. The scents I ordered are:
MaeWest's Diamonds- musk and caraway. Mm. Heady, rich, dark Chai tea. Almost soapy in its spice. Softened by the musk.
Frankly, My Dear- Indonesian patchouli, sweet Egyptian amber, and Madagascar spices. Smooth and almost vanillic (the amber accord?). Soothing.
Pride & Prejudice- linen, amber, sandalwood, dusty, musky vanilla. Every. Gorgeous. Note. At first the creamy sandalwood hits me, then amber creeps in... right when I say "Linen?" it all blends into the highest thread count five star hotel sheets. But don't worry. No Downy in sight.
Satin Sheets- black coconut and Arabian sandalwood.Coconut. Rich, pure, no bakery, no funky plastic or dry back note. Instant visions of Anna Maria Island. Mermaid happy.
Seduction- Madagascar vanilla, orchid, blondewood, cardamom and teakwood. Can't stop smelling it. Bois de Vanille. In wax.
Captain Tightpants- rice flowers, sandalwood, patchouli, and seasalt. Beach dunes, sea oats, salt foam. Anna Maria Island again...

Free Samples in Icy Lemon- lemon and mint, the mint makes the lemon more clear, almost clean. No. Not Pledge with the chemical note, just purified. Neat scent.
 Polynesian Red- sweet Hawaiian fruits, uncut, with a bit of sugar frosted tropical flowers (plumeria? sweet pea?) and a hit of musk to deepen it. No idea if any of that is true but that is what these nose hairs gathered.
My cat likes them too.

Looking forward to creating a romantic atmosphere with these smelly goods.


  1. Oh man, you nailed it with those bottom two pictures. I'm sure Becky would love it if you shared it with her. I kinda wanna give your floor a kiss.
    **thumbs up on the font :)

    1. Thank you!! I really am drooling over these scents. I appreciate your guidance too. <3

  2. None of these are up my alley but I do enjoy reading about scents, seeing what's in them, what people like. Oh wait, the minty lemon one might be in my range of scents. And when I saw mention of dark Chai tea I got excited for a moment. lol

    Make sure you get a pic of Sunnee kissing your floor. =P


    1. I will set aside a couple cubes of Mae West for you to try. It is really beautiful. *I* still want to kiss my floors! I am so grateful!!!