Saturday, June 21, 2014

Nest Fragrances- Moroccan Amber

My friend and I were lamenting the lack of candle burning in our lives. Before tarts, I was a candle loving fool. My mom passed the waxy genes down to me. I remember her hosting a few Partylite parties and buying Yankee candles. We always had a fragrant home. I decided there and then to start a smelly fire. There are always a few candles lurking in my closet.

I pulled out the big guns. This Nest candle was a real splurge. Back in December with a 20% off code and a birthday gift card in hand, I hit order on this $34.00 candle at Sephora's website. Moroccan Amber was the scent of choice. Amber makes me weak in the knees. The notes on the box include: Moroccan amber, sweet patchouli, heliotrope, bergamot, and eucalyptus.

Once lit, the candle let off the most lovely scent. Now, take this as you will, but I did not get many of the individual notes listed above. To me, this candle was redolent of resins and spices, pine trees, cloves, and nutmeg. The amber is thick and golden sweet. The throw was wonderful, spreading throughout the living area. It took 45 minutes to melt to the edges of the glass. The flame remained short but strong. After reading a bit with this burning, I realized it was time to pick up the girls. I blew it out and placed it back in the closet for a cooler day... you know... around 60 degrees come November.

I am happy with the Nest candle and have eyeballed Orange Blossom and Moss & Mint pretty hard. Must wait until this December for my birthday. Or ask Santa.

Reading Catherine the Great: Portrait of a Lady by Robert Massie, so far this princess had lead quite the interesting life. The story is non-fiction, which is rare for me. As non-fiction it is written a little clinically but her life events and letters are keeping me turning the pages to see how her story unfolds. Sad that I do know already know? Probably. I am not much up on the Russian nobility of yore... but I am currently working on it!


  1. Such wonderful pictures again! I will give it to high end candles, most of the ones I have tried anyway, their performance is outstanding. I'm glad you enjoyed this one!

    1. That is good to hear. This is my only one but I do look to try a couple more eventually. And these are only $12 more than BBW so not too bad. You know what I really want to try??? The amber ball from L'Artisan. Mmmmm!!!

    2. It's good to know that the higher end candles perform well, it makes the price tag a little bit easier to swallow! :)

    3. Ugh! For real! $$$$$ But so nice. I guess sometimes the old axim holds true! Ya get what ya pay for :-)