Thursday, June 5, 2014

'Fumes: Incense Pure & Ancient Resins

Choosing my perfume each morning is something I look forward to, almost as much as I anticipate that first sip of fresh hot coffee... almost. Niche, unusual and evocative scents are what I crave. It does not really matter what the perfume evokes, as long as it is appealing to me and not mundane. Incense Pure and Ancient Resins is a pairing I adore that lasts me all day long... even through PE coaching in the hot Florida sun in the dead of afternoon.

Sonoma Scent Studio is my hands down favorite artisan perfumer. Laurie Erikson has a wonderful nose, and handmakes and bottles all her scents. I not only appreciate her talent but also that I can order small sizes, anywhere from a 1mL sample, 3mL, 5mL, 17mL, or 34mL. All are parfum strength so a little goes a long way, with great sillage and longevity. Incense Pure is redolent of ruined ancient altars draped with fecund moss, tucked away in a virgin forest long forgotten. I feel peaceful and closer to the Spirit when I wear this or even just smell it. My husband, the former Catholic, says I smell like baby Jesus. Eh. I like my interpretation better.

Aftelier Perfumes is an artisan perfumer in a similiar vein as Laurie Erickson. Mandy Aftel hand makes and bottles all her scents in small batches as well. She is very talented and works with natural essences mainly. One of my favorite perfume/beauty bloggers, Gaia, from the Non-Blonde  highly recommended Ancient Resins Body Oil & Hair Elixir. I heeded her advice. I have not used the oil in my hair yet but I do apply it to my hands, arms, chest, and neck. Sometimes my legs. Ancient Resins siddles along really nicely with Incense Pure. Ancient Resins has more of a green note, a freshness, than Incense Pure. This is the ancient altar before it was forgotten.

 This paring has been worn on numerous occasions and both are so concentrated and high quality that you can see I have yet to really make a dent in the quantity. Do you have any perfume or body care recommendations? How do you feel about incense?

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  1. I've been curious about Aftelier for a long time, I would get a sample of Ancient Resins when I order. Sonoma Scent Studio looks great also, I will check them out when they are back in the fall.

    The only woodsy and resin perfumer I've tried lately is For Strange Women. When she came out with soap in the spring I had to get it! Her line is natural and the scent longevity of her perfume is a little shorter but she recommends a perfume base to help slow absorption into the skin.

    1. I hope you do try Aftelier or Sonoma Scent Studio. SSS has 3 or 4 purely natural scents but I pretty much enjoy everything she has to offer. I do notice a slightly shorter scent life on the skin with naturals but I don't mind as sometimes I wear a different scent in the afternoon. I am going to try Aftelier's Pear, Coffee, and Fir (I think it is) body oil next. And their teas and cooking oils begged to be tried.
      For Strange Woman sounds interesting.