Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Streetman Company Store

Window shopping at Streetman happens quite a bit. Previously, I had only had a scent shot in Honeysuckle Jasmine that I won in a giveaway hosted by Lauren back in November (awesome box of wax that was!), then a couple of scent shots in the Simply Sensational Sampler. I stepped it up to a Streeman Sampler in May. Finally, I placed my first real order. Everything arrived packaged well. I love scent shots placed nicely in bags.

Streetman has the feel of a family run general store on the web. Tony, the husband, makes seasonings and sauces and foody items; Heather, the wife, creates wax and body products. Streetman's Spicy Onion Dip garnishes rave reviews, and at only $0.99 I had to add it to my wax order.

I try to order small if a vendor is open regularly. A bundt cake, a set of snap sticks, 5 scent shots and the onion dip made up my order, with three free samples thrown in. The snap sticks are nice and long, but are only 1.7 ounces each, the same as the large scent shot in the photo. The bundt cake is a beast at 7 ounces, larger than the palm of my hand. The smallest scent shot is one of the samples and weighs one ounce.

In the May sampler, I fell in love with Summer Lovin' and  knew I needed more of it for my bedroom. It is a mellow sandalwood with vanilla, musk, and patchouli perhaps. I do not have a scent description but this is what my nose picks up. Beautiful and soft. I chose that scent for the snap sticks ($8.99). The Honeysuckle Jasmine scent shot gifted all those months ago never left my brain. The bundt cake is in that scent ($7.10). Together, these florals have almost a gardenia scent. Strong, heady, visions of humid southern summer nights spent swaying on a wooden bench swing surrounded by jasmine vines, gardenias in bloom and honeysuckle creeping along the railing, crickets chirping at the moon.

Left to Right: Bomb Pop, Lavender Sheets, Bonfire on the Beach, Cotton Candy Spruce, and Fruit Spritzer.
Of these, on cold, my favorites are Cotton Candy Spruce (sweet candy pine...mm!) and Bonfire on the Beach (strong pine and cedar, a bit of salty tang, and a touch of smokey char).

Free samples! I love free samples! Watermelon Cooler bright sweet candy like watermelon, funny I just made this drink!, Orange Bubble Gum reminds me of an orange Starburst candy and Sweet Pea pretty, delicate floral, similiar to BBW version.

Happy as a clam with my Streetman order. Have you tried Streetman? What are your favorite scents from them? I will probably try more of their spices and cooking products. One can never have too many spices in the kitchen.


  1. I really have to try out Streetman the next time I order! The little shot cups look like the perfect size! Great order! Bomb Pop and Fruit Spritzer sounds really good!

    1. Hi Michelle! I hope you do order from them. They really have great wax! Bomb Pop and Fruit Spritzer are very popular. I hope I enjoy them warmed. I am funny about fruits and not sure of them just yet. But I have hope :-) I love the one ounce scent shots for my plug in wall warmer. They throw really well.

  2. Love Streetman everything! Can't wait to try their body products. Bomb Pop was so good while warming. I hope you LOVE the onion dip, it's especially good with homemade soft tacos! Looks like you got a lovely order, please let me know how you feel about the samples you received, they all look like they would be winners! <3

    1. I am enjoying Streetman quite a bit too!! Thank you for the initial scent shot that got me started <3
      I have a feeling I will be hooked on that seasoning. I will make it with the soft tacos just as you suggest. I will report back on the watermelon cooler and sweet pea. I did gift the orange bubble gum to a friend running low on smells. Do you want to try Summer Lovin'? >eyebrow wiggle< can I persuade you?