Tuesday, January 13, 2015

L'Artisan: Winter Sale

After wearing the L'Artisan perfume samples I bought on Black Friday, I set aside a few I would keep my eye out for in larger quantities. Those included: Batucada, Fou D'Absinthe, Seville A L'Aube, and Caligna. Four out of ten. I did enjoy the others, but not enough to actively seek out. L'Artisan usually has two clearance sales a year, much like a Semi-Annual Sale from Bath & Body Works. I knew one was approaching soon (and in fact is still going on), so I waited with baited breath to see what would be on sale. When the email arrived heralding the sale, I was pleasantly surprised to see candles and a Caligna gift set amongst the bounty.

The' Et Pain D'Espices: Time for Tea. The scent of smoky tea, crystallized orange, spices and honey. A slice of gingerbread by a roaring fire. Cosy and warm, this is the perfect comfort candle. (L'Artisan scent description) Cosy? Must be a European spelling. But it is indeed cosy. All the notes can be detected, and as a whole it leans more fireside and hot spiced tea rather than gourmand. The burn time is 60 hours. I will do a more in depth review later. Can I just point out my strange twisted logic here for a moment? Show me a candle for $35 (or even $22.50 at BBW) and I will say "no way, need a coupon or gift card or discount of some sort." Show me a $70 candle on sale for $35 and suddenly my fingers are twitching and my eyes widen and I must take advantage of this deal! I just HAVE to know what a $70 candle smells like. Just have to. Down the rabbit hole I go.

The Caligna set comes with a full sized 100 mL perfume and 3.4 ounce body lotion. This set was half off.

The body lotion feels light yet moisturizing and carries a surprisingly strong scent. I could easily get away with wearing the lotion alone as a perfume. Since I find most L'Artisan perfumes to be ephemeral at times if I do not spray enough, I am happy to pair the two for added longevity.

Caligna has medium sillage and average longevity. This is my first full bottle of a fig based perfume. I find most figs to be too cloying for my nose but the added jasmine, tea, pine and herbs keep the overwhelming figgy sweetness at bay. My predilection of woodsy notes really hooked me for this scent. The velvety sage and airy pine forest aromas create visions of springtime in Camelot: young forests, flower laden clearings, proper teas and green figs, maidens and knights.

You want to know what really has my curiosity?

These amber balls that L'Artisan sells for home fragrance. The next time they send out a coupon code I might try and bring one home. 


  1. Those amber balls are weird looking, but also strangely pretty! Huh! I love that you got that candle for super cheap, as long as an originally priced $70 candles smells good!

    1. They are very unique looking! I am dying to know how they smell/throw/longevity. Yes the candle better perform well! Geez!!! As one of my sisters would exclaim "there better be gold flakes in there!" :-)

  2. I looked into the amber balls once, they're quite pricey! I hope you're able to snag one with a coupon so you can review it for us.
    I was giggling at your twisted logic! I completely understand, but first, I'm angry that any candle that size would be 70$. Once I calm down, I have to know what it's like! With diptyque candles, I find that the strength of the candle on just an hour of burn time with the scent lingering for several hours makes the quality worth the price. I hope this is the case with your new candle :)

    1. They are pricey. I envision getting the smallest one and placing it on our dresser in the bedroom.

      Diptyque has forever been on my lust list (love that new post by the way!!) and I almost had one! But my friend and I never had time to hit up the store while we were in NYC. One day! What is your fav Diptyque scent?

  3. the Amber ball is ridiculously gorgeous!! so I had to go peek... obviously I should have seen that price tag coming with $70 candles! lol.. that's gona need to be a serious coupon! but at least it last 2 years... I'd have to smell something like this before committing :)