Saturday, January 17, 2015

Rescue Beauty Lounge: 60% Off Sale

Ji, at Rescue Beauty Lounge, mixes up some of my favorite nail polishes. Her New York City savvy shines in the color concoctions she creates.

Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes usually run about $20 a piece which can be daunting, but she ran a brief promotion of 60% off certain shades she was hoping to move. At $8 a pop, I could not resist. 

I shopped twice after gazing at nail swatches. The first order included: 

Lucciole- An ultraviolet purple with orange, pink and gold flecks winking out and a blue grey tint floating on the edges. The first coat is thin but it builds beautifully with the addition of a second coat.

Meow Meow- A verdant glitter bomb that dazzles the eyes. I had a huge hole in my collection, lacking an emerald green, but now it is complete with this stunner. The glitter particles are fine, creating a two to three coat stand alone beauty, depending on how thin you paint.

Melanzane- Complimentary purples and greens blend effortlessly in this glitter polish. The purple leans slightly magenta and is in larger glitter shapes while the green appears to lean teal and is in a micro glitter. Two coats for full coverage.

Opaque Nude- This polish has a fleshy putty tone with the stellar creme formula from RBL that I appreciate. It could easily be a one coater, but I use two no matter what (mainly for the strength of added layers since my nails are so dern thin). Another neutral added to my stash that I will love!


My second order only has two polishes, but I am quite excited about them. Have you bought any nail polish lately? What are you wearing?


  1. pretty!!!! meow meow reminds me of the emerald city!
    I am currently rocking "mermaid eyes"... and I am super impressed with how long it's lasting! I can be kinda tough on nail polish.. but days later there are barely any chips!

    1. It reminded me if that too!!! I plan in wearing it for St. Patty's Day.

      I am glad it is holding up! I love Deborah Lippmann polishes too. I *almost* bought Mermaid's Eyes for me too but I was practicing self control. Dang self control.

  2. Lucciole is even more gorgeous in your photos!! Melanzane is equally as stunning. GAH! Kicking myself for not buying their nudes like you said! Mermaid's Eye was on my radar, too! LOL. We're such polish fiends.

    1. I was worried Lucciole might be too similar to Scrangie but it isn't thankfully. I am really loving these colors!

      Mermaid's Eyes!!!! Maybe one day! My polish enthusiasm is waxing a bit again. Lol! Thankfully my collection doesn't allow for too many more. Yes we are fiends! I looooove my nail polish! <3