Thursday, January 29, 2015

Rescue Beauty Lounge: 60% Off 2nd Order

My second order before the sale ended included: Scrangie 2.0 and Burn the Evidence.

Burn the Evidence- A three coat glitter fest that personifies fall perfectly. Fire blazing red tinted oranges, coppers and golds. A lovely shade that was missing from my polishes.

Scrangie 2.0- One of the first nail polish bloggers I ever read was Scrangie. I still pop over and read it from time to time. Her goal was an oil slick and this comes pretty close, a chimera of green, gold, bronze, and steel with iridescent flecks through out. Two coat beauty.

Funny how a hobby can cycle back around. I have been quite content with my polish collection as is for some time, until these recent sales. Thankfully I am very limited on my collection size since Adam installed a display a few years ago. I must cull out old ones if I am to bring in new ones. How do you store your polish?


  1. gorgeous polishes, Julie!
    Scrangie was also one of the first nail polish bloggers I followed.

    I couldn't resist the Zoya sale and bought 3. Then I became polish obsessed and ended up buying 4 more :/
    I store my polish in a sturdy basket with handles (due to limited space) but plan on buying a wall display rack which I can hang in my walk in closet. This one has caught my eye on Ebay..

    1. Scrangie takes amazing swatch photos. Her eye make up is exciting to look at too.

      I love that white wright iron holder! So cute! It looks like it holds the perfect amount if polish too. What Zoya shades do you recommend?

    2. I use polish that looks good against my skin tone (I have a lot of red in my skin tone. Cool raspberries look the best on me). My very favorite color was discontinued but I'm still able to get it via Ebay :) Moxie

    3. Oh that IS gorgeous! Such a sexy color. I have noticed real yellow golds and certain greens look hideous on my nails.