Thursday, January 1, 2015

Order of the Odor: Volume 5

This month we are doing a mini version of some of our waxy favorites of 2014, please let us know what some of your favorites were too!

Most Comforting Scent: Vanilla Noel from Front Porch Candle Company

Best Spa/Fresh Scent: American Cream by Up The Creek Scents

Most Energizing Scent: Pink Spearmint Snow Taffy from Rosegirls

Favorite Bakery Scent: Honey Gingerbread/Ice Cream Scoop Bread by Sniff My Tarts

Favorite Fruity Scent: Fresh Picked Strawberry from CFTKR

Favorite Wild Card Scent: Rosewood & Amber by Ten Digit Creations

Favorite Scent Trend: All the mints! Pink mints, spearmint, wintergreen, it is everywhere I turn <3

Husband's Favorite Scent: When pressed, Adam admitted he liked the menthol scents. "Menthol scents?" I asked. "Like Sinus Relief?" "Yeah sure. That." he said. Mmmmm hmmmm. About as much as I am like to get out of him. Stinky scents on the other hand....

Husband's Least Favorite Scent: Badger State Cocoa by Rosegirls and recently Wintergreen & Peppermint by Front Porch.

Stinker of 2014: 1970 by Front Porch Candle Company

Favorite Scent of 2014: Peppermint Coconut Mallow by Rosegirls

Have you been curious about the Yankee Candle Scenterpiece? Deb shoots straight from the hip on this review of Yankee's newest warmer. See if you need to put it on your wishlist or not.

Grab a napkin (to wipe the drool from your chin) and a cup of coffee and head on over to Sunnee's place to see what outstanding muffin blends this gal ordered and photographed for our veiwing pleasure. Oh! Bring a pen and paper too, you are going to want to write these down.

The best scent of all time?! Yes, of course it has earned a coveted 10/10. Come see what is making Lauren go gaga from a relatively new vendor.

Black Friday Deals abound! See what Julie's favorite haulage included this year in wax. It was a steal of a deal.


  1. Poor ol' Badger. No one outside the state appreciates him. =)


  2. He must be a regional scent :-)

    I am briefly imagining melting Badger, Wintergreen and 1970 all together... >shutters< my nose would leave my face.

    1. But maybe they'd morph into something amazing and magical!


  3. Yes, yes, YES to Pink Spearmint Snow Taffy from Rosegirls! YES!!! So invigorating and wonderful! Vanilla Noel is supreme, ultimate comfort. Mmmmm! Honey Gingerbread/Ice Cream Scoop Bread sounds like it would be incredible as a dessert. THAT DREADED BADGER. YIKES. Wet dog holla! Peppermint Coconut Mallow by that this is your favorite. So good. Your picks are awesome, my dear minty friend and counterpart in mint related adventures! MELT ALL THE MINTS!!!!!!!

    1. You are spot on. I want to eat some honeyed gingerbread ice cream. It is seriously going at the top of my blend list for a sheet cake on SMT next opening. ALL MINTS ALL THE TIME!!!! Why do I not ever tire of mints?! We should put our brains together and make some crazy minty concoctions for next Muffin Club.

    2. You said: "We should put our brains together and make some crazy minty concoctions for next Muffin Club." HECK YES!!! I am all for this. :D

      Have you ever heard of anything close to resembling a recipe for honeyed gingerbread ice cream/scoop bread? MMMMM, I am hungry just thinking about it!

    3. I will plot a few minty blends then and you can pick one or two you like best.

      No desserts off the top of my head but I will search Food Gawker or Epicurious.