Saturday, January 10, 2015

Lush Life: Boxing Day Haul (Part 1)

The day after Christmas Lush sale (Boxing Day Sale) began promptly at 9 am EST. I had grandiose plans of being at the mall early with bells on, however, I decided to be indulgent and creep out of bed then head to Target (for half off Christmas wrapping) with the girls. I figured I could order on my phone instead in the toy aisle while the girls played. The best laid plans of mice and men.... Let me just say how crazy the Lush website was that morning. Error messages abound. I managed to finally snag two Winter Garden gift sets and two Rose Jam shower gels.

The Winter Garden gift set was pretty snazzy.

Snowcake soap that feels soft to the touch and smells of marzipan.

A tiny tin of Ultrabalm that will be a nice salve for my cuticles and feet, this will be my first experience with this product. I love the writing on the tin. My bits.

Ro's Argan Body Conditioner is a product I thoroughly enjoy! Just before I get out of the shower I slather this all over then briefly rinse. It feels like cool watered silk on the skin, leaving a soft creamy rose fragrance behind. 

Rose Jam! This fragrance, Twilight, Olive Branch and Flying Fox are some of my favorite Lush shower gel scents. Rose Jam, to my nose, is not heavily floral or grandma's closet at all. I get mainly a sweet strawberry, tart lemon and hint of blood red rose in full bloom. 

Vanilla Puff dusting powder smells rich and boozy, much like Vanillary perfume and Vanilla Delight lotion (I actually thought this was the Vanilla Delight lotion and was sorely disappointed when it wasn't). I only have use for powder during the summer months so away this goes into the cabinets.

Godmother soap is Snow Fairy scented. Bubblegum, candy, and sweet sweet sugar. 

I ordered two more little gift sets but one sold out (Secret Santa) so they are sending me a replacement (Shine). Those should come in the next few days. Were you able to score any Lush on sale? There are still a few things on the site as of today. I decided that next year I am hauling my fanny up to the mall. With my phone.


  1. Ooh sounds like lots of great stuff! I still haven't been to Lush or checked out the site! Until one of your blog posts, I'd never heard of Lush!!! Ahhhh!! :-)

    1. Ashley introduced me to the wonder that is Lush! We should do our next meet up at Brandon Town Center and stroll around :-)

  2. It's not often Lush has a sale. Great haul my friend. I've never used the dusting powders and haven't read their description, what exactly does one use this for? I put powder in stinky shoes and greasy hair. Would either of these two usages be applicable?

    1. LOL! Well... Yes! I imagine it could do both really well! But I personally use it in the summer when it reaches the surface if the sun temps, under my arms, between my upper thighs, and under my chest gals to help keep me dry. ;-)