Thursday, January 8, 2015

Streetman Company Store: Wax and Super Salt and BOOKS

A friend and I were chatting and she mentioned grabbing some Cotton Candy Spruce from Streetman. I recalled that I melted my last tart in that most re-purchasable of scents and decided I must needs do the same. There are quite a few great scents RTS (ready to ship) on their site in all sizes, not to mention spices. Well, scratch that, I AM mentioning spices.

Toasted (3 pack scallops $3.50) is a lovely marshmallow fireside type of scent. These marshmallows actually smell toasted, with a tone of caramelized sugar. Most excellent.

Cotton Candied Spruce (3 pack scallops $3.50) remains a favorite. It leans a little bit strawberry in the cotton candy and the spruce hovers quietly in the background, no harsh Pine-Sol moments here. As a seasonal melter, I have no qualms melting this baby year 'round. It is a great fragrance.

Twitterpated (# pack scallops $3.50) is totally Sunnee's husband's fault. He enabled me. This baby is full of pomegranate cider, raspberries and citrus. The raspberries really shine in this while the citrus adds juicy zest and the pomegranate cider just a dollop of tang. Bright, energetic and summery.

Spiced Bread (1 ounce cup $1.19) deserves scallop bag proportions. This lil guy takes me straight for the border, for Taco Bell Cinnamon Twists. I feel the cinnamon sugar grains on my fingers and the airy crunch of ultra light fried dough on my tongue. MMmmmmmmmm....

Fig Berry Vanilla Noel (1 ounce cup $1.19) this fig is not cloying or coconut leaning like most figs can be. The berries come first, dark and sweet, with a jammy fig glaze and vanilla cream to smooth it out. Unique and beautiful and delicious. 

Apple Cinnamon Honey Cake (1 ounce cup $1.19) reminds me of a richer Cider Lane. A better Cider Lane. I quite like it, but may try to save it for next fall (8 months until fall melting season! Ya hear that Deb!).

Free Sample in Salt & Lime. OH. MY. GRAVY. As soon as I smelled this my mouth watered and my jaw pinched in anticipation of one of my favorite Mexican candies.... Limon 7, super sour lime flavored salt. We still buy it (and Pelon Pelo Rico!) at a local Mexican specialty store. Savanna loves it too, salt fiend that she is. Cannot wait to melt this.

Super Salt (rather large, perhaps 4ish ounce tin $6.59) is amazing. The ingredients include: sea salt, paprika, onion powder, sugar, garlic, Worcestershire powder, tumeric and spices. Given the slight nip to it I would guess a pinch of cayenne and/or chili powder is added. It is not spicy at all (to my taste) but it does have nip. The tumeric adds a little depth, almost like a curry earthy backdrop. Overall, this seasoning explodes with flavor. I used it on sauteed chicken thighs with nothing else and it was awesome. I look forward to sprinkling this on just about everything.

My Smelly Sisters and I decided to try out the Burns Book Challenge this year. It looks like a fun way to get in some new books. I started out with #1 using, Such A Pretty Face by Cathy Lamb, but it was so heinous as to be a DNF for me. I promptly picked up The House of the Scorpion by Nancy Farmer and it promises to be much better. And it will fulfill #6. Want to take the challenge with me? It looks like fun! (If you have trouble reading, please click on the photo or visit the link).


  1. I'm already looking forward to fall! It's always like an exciting do-over. Am I the only one who feels that way? Like, whatever seemed lacking this past fall/Christmas, as soon as it's over you're looking forward to tweaking it next year?

    I'm not doing the book challenge. I'm struggling so much in just trying to read anything these days. *dramatic sigh*


    1. I agree, each season change for me is exciting though. I am already looking forward to the windy crystal clear spring days.

      I am hoping you reconsider. You got so many amazing books for Christmas! 26 books is way more manageable for me than my goal of 50 last year. A little over 2 a month. But I do most of my reading over summer break. Although I did crack open book 2 already. It's never too late to join!

  2. Look at Curtis getting a mention! That made my day :)
    I need not look for another excuse to place another order with SCS now that I read your glowing impression of Salt & Lime.
    I'm in for the book challenge. January always starts with some type of self help book for me, I'll have to see if it meets any of the criteria above.
    Have a great Friday Julie!

    1. :-D

      Sunnee, it will make you want to run a glass with salt, pour a margarita, sunbathe and ready trashy novels.

      I would love to know what book you start out with when you decide. So glad we are doing this!!

  3. I didn't read through the list, forgive me, but perhaps a book written by a friend would be a good choice? Ah how I miss you, dear one!

    1. Ginny!! I would absolutely love to read one of yours for this challenge! Ready to illustrate too. Miss you! Time for a park play date soon.

  4. Ooh a book challenge! I've heard of different ones but I've actually never done one before. I read a lot, but I'm such a moody reader -- I don't know if a challenge would work for me, LOL!! And I'm such a creature of habit, I rarely read out of my comfort zone (& I feel a bit guilty when I don't read a book off my huge to-read list!)! I know I should branch out more, but life's too short to read depressing books!! (Per author Susan Elizabeth Phillips) LOL!! Good luck with the challenge! I'll let you know if I decide to do it! :-)

    1. I understand! I think this one is broad enough that most books can fit into these categories :-) I hope you decide to!