Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Melting Basket 25

Wax from the last basket I would repurchase include: CFTKR Strawberry Peppermint Finally! A berry and mint I can get down with. The fresh, realistic berry is what makes this. No medicinal properties at all, TBG Flowers & Frost, RG Frosted Streuselkuchen.

Front Porch- Coconut Extreme Peppermint
Front Porch- Moonspice Sugar Cookie Dough Bread <3 gift
Vinatge Chic Scents- Edelweiss <3 gift
Vintage Chic Scents- Pin Curls & Finger Waves
Enchanted Candle Company- Til Death <3 gift
Thirty Street- Purple Castles <3 gift
Beezy Tarts- Amish Quilt
Glitterati- Lavender Rosemary Vanilla Mint <3 gift (in exchange for sewing TMNT masks, you know you are a waxy when friends gift you wax in exchange for services LOL!)
Long Can Primitives- Toasted Marshmallow Blue Ribbon Cookies
Ten Digit Creations- Chocolate Orchid <3 gift
Ten Digit Creations- Aspen Winter
Missouri River Soap- Fruity Rice Krispies
Rosegirls- Baked Zucchini Bread/Celtic Moonspice/ Royal Sugar Cookie OP pie slice
Sniff My Tarts- Orange Chiffon dipped Marshmallow
Sniff My Tarts- Peggy's Blueberry Noel dipped Marshmallow
Sniff My Tarts- Spicy Eggnog dipped Marshmallow

If you are curious about any of these scents please holler. I will review them for you. 

I have a few new decorations I wanted to share. My Mother-In-Law gifted me this pretty whitewashed wooden mermaid for Christmas. I knew right where she was going to live, next door to the iron seahorse.

I also got the coolest corner shelf made from an old reclaimed door (the glass door knob even works!). My sister Darby and I saw these in an antique store in Plant City and we were gaga over them. She surprised me with one for Christmas. I am still flabbergasted by her generosity. So sweet and appreciated! I am tossing around the idea of white washing it a bit more, still leaving it distressed, and painting the shelves bright colors. 

The light up "J" was at Books-A-Million and I just so happened to have a gift card handy from a sweet student. It had to come home with me. 

Any decorating going on in your home? Cool thrift store finds? Thinking of re-purposing something?


  1. That shelf is incredible! WOW, so chic and beautiful. Also, that mirror with the seashells, have you shared that on here yet? Gosh, it's so creative! Did you make it? I feel like i have heard this before but I forgot!

    You are so talented, making masks for friends. <3 That light-up J is so cool, too. Mmmm, orange chiffon dipper marshmallows, yum! Front Porch's Moonspice Sugar Cookie Dough Bread , double yum!

    1. I did cover the mirror with seashells. Pretty much anything that stands still gets seashells superglued to it around here.

      Looking forward to melting both of those!!

    2. That's what I thought, that you made it yourself! Gosh, it looks so pretty. I love your creative style. <3

  2. love the shelf!! and the J is super fabulous!!

    tell me more about VCS- Pin Curls & Finger Waves... and ECC- Til Death. both sound mysterious and fun!!

    1. Thanks! BAM is hitting it outta the park with cute stuff lately!

      I will be more than happy to review those two! <3

  3. I want to melt your basket! I see the reflection of your wedding picture in the mirror --so sweet. <3 How long ago was that my sweet friend?

    1. I think this will be a good basket!

      Our wedding day was June 19th, 2004, so approaching 11 years. Sounds crazy!