Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Warmed Wax: Vintage Chic & Enchanted

The Enchanted Candle Company 'Til Death (gift)- This is a blend of sweet rose and dirt. The sweet rose reminds me of Lush's Rose Jam with red ripe strawberries. The combination of the two created something really exciting! The throw was medium strong to strong but only lasted a few hours. I would repurchase if it would last a wee bit longer. I do love this blend though.

Vintage Chic Scents Pin Curls & Finger Waves- Pink Sugar Marshmallow. STRONG. This tart was made almost a year ago (March 2014) and I won it in a giveaway in a wax group on Facebook. This perky rose resided in my bedroom warmer and came gliding all around the whole house for several hours. That virtually never happens. I am not sure what sorcery this was, but I will take it. Surprisingly, the Pink Sugar sang backup to the more vociferous Marshmallow. REPURCHASE. Yes, please.

Currently Reading: The Hound of Baskervilles by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and enjoying it. I love seeing how the Sherlock TV series uses the original stories and twists them to fit modern times. Often it is quite shocking how closely aligned the two tango. I am reading the free version on my Nook (under the free 25 Classic Novels II compilation) not this Scholastic version, which is wrongly titled. One hound. Not plural. But maybe this particular book is about the TV series. I digress. I picked this image because it combines the 'Batch with the book. And both are pretty awesome. This fits number 25 on the challenge (book older than 10 years, I think 1901 qualifies times ten). The writing is witty and the characters are well formed. Crack open a Sherlock adventure! 


  1. oooo, Til Death sounds fantastic!! I'm always curious about dirt smells... because sometimes they don't smell like dirt at all! lol

    1. I have one more, setting it aside for you <3 it is a clean dirt smell.... Maybe like fresh potting soil.