Friday, January 30, 2015

Treatsie Box

My second ever subscription box (one Ipsy and now this one Treatsie). I signed up and then canceled before getting billed for my second box. I strongly felt I wanted to actually receive and open the inaugural box before forking out for another one. The cost is $19.95 with shipping included in the figure. Deb and Lauren blogged about their boxes and I was insanely curious. A little about my taste buds. I am pretty adventurous in my culinary pursuits. My sweet tooth might be better described as sweet teeth and salty & sweet combos are my jive. But if it is touted as candy or a sweet treat, it has better have some sweetness. 

After my jaunt to NYC, handmade soft caramels and peppermint twists haunt my daydreams. I hoped my first box would come with some type of caramel. I was not let down.

The box included biscotti, a chocolate almond butter cup, and caramels galore.

biscuit Gourmet Biscotti in "The Dreamer"- Vanilla biscotti with sea salt caramels and roasted pecans. An excellent flavor choice. Deb received some majorly decadent looking chocolate ones. I dipped these in my morning java and immensely enjoyed the hardened caramel drizzle on top. I would buy these again.

Buddha Chocolate Almond Butter Cup- No please. I was quite excited to try this but the chocolate was so dark as to be black with no hint of sugar. The almond butter could have saved it if it had any sweetness but the flavor was creamy and bland. The label lists sugar, I just wish my tongue had found it. Not for me. Although reading the back label gave me a chuckle, it looked like a Portlandia skit could be made from it.

Dallas Caramel Company Armadillos- Texas pecans sandwiched between a thick layer of caramel and a sweet piece of dark chocolate. Let me tell you how easy one of these fellas went down. The firm dark chocolate lent a rich juxtaposition to the sweet creamy caramel. The pecan nestled in between was the diamond in the rough. Chocolate, caramel, and nut combos are an epicurean delight. I have two left. Saving them for PMS emergencies. I have none left. Would repurchase.

Dallas Caramel Assortment- These bad boys are priced at $1 each and included: Apple Pie, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Coconut, Orange, Original, Sea Salt, and Texas Drunken Nut. I ate the chocolate one first and loved it. The caramel was creamy, thick, and provided me with just enough mastication to be satisfying but not annoying. Out of all the flavors the ones I would repurchase (in particular order) include: 1. Sea Salt Caramel 2. Texas Drunken Nut 3. Coconut. Runner Up to Cinnamon and Original. Honorable Mention to Apple Pie. The rest can hit the road. 

I ordered under Deb's Treatsie referral link. I am not sure if it is still working but I know Lauren's is activated. When I ordered there was a promo for "get extra treats" these extras are shipping separately very soon. I canceled easily via email (3 business days prior to next billing as needed). Once my other box comes I will determine if this subscription will be something I engage in long term. So far: yes. I enjoy artisan candies and treats. I also feel this would be a unique gift for someone who enjoys sweets as well. 

What say you? Subscribed to any boxes?


  1. I don't think Treatsie ever really grabbed my attention. Like you, I'm pretty adventurous in food but I think for treats and sweets, I prefer just the ordinary offerings that can be easily found in a local grocery store.
    I've only subscribed to one monthly subscription box --Blush. I loved it but I cancelled after not being able to use up enough of the products before more was being sent. Then I reasoned for $25 a month, I'd just try one really wanted item from Sephora that I picked as opposed to a random lot sent. I go back and forth though --random can be fun!
    Have a great weekend sweet Julie! <3

    1. I most definitely would have taken a Reese Cup over the fancy almond butter cup any day. But to me, those caramels beat out Kraft caramel cubes by leaps.

      I hear ya and agree, saving the $20-$25 and using it on something you know you will love seems better to me. Still waiting on that last box before I decide though.

      Thank you, this last sentence brightened my dim day. I think I am getting another ear infection along with the regular monthly woes. :-/ Hopeyou have a nice weekend too sweet friend <3

  2. I felt exactly the same about the almond butter cup and definitely would have preferred a Reese's cup to it. And the caramels! We had the same thoughts on the ranking of those, too. :) Did you notice that any of the caramels had a weird burlap taste to them from the bag they traveled inside? I swear I tasted it a little bit!

    We may or may not be documenting this box because.......well..........we may or may not have eaten half of it before I remembered to photograph the caramels?! LOLOLOL, we couldn't wait! For the most part, these boxes are cool, but I may cancel at some point to save the money.

    1. You know I think the first chocolate one had a burlap taint but I took them out and they sat on my nightstand for a day or so. Didn't notice it after that.

      I am thinking I should not subscribe now. Two things: money and extra calories. I eat enough sweets that if they came each month I would just devour them.