Sunday, January 11, 2015

Melting Basket 24

Wax tarts I would repurchase from the previous basket include: Alamo Candelaria Raven's Myst strong throw, long lasting (12 hours) and beautiful mysterious scent, UTC Rose Jam

CFTKR- Sweater Weather
CFTKR- Cleopatra
CFTKR- Strawberry Peppermint <3 gift
Vintage Chic Scents- Film Noir <3 gift
The Bathing Garden- Flowers and Frost <3 gift
Super Tarts- Gooey Sugar Cookie
Glitterati- Honeysuckle Honey Dew Watermelon
Sniff My Tarts- Pink Coconut/Pink Sticky Marhsmallow/Pink Sugar Cookie
Streetman- Sugar Cookie Zucchini Bread/Pumpkin Pecan Waffle <3 gift
Rosegirls- Frosted Streuselkuchen
Rosegirls- Pecan Waffle BUtterbrickle
Rosegirls- Orange Danish/Wildberry/Vanilla Ice Cream muffin
Rosegirls- Royal Sugar Cookie/Serendipity/Marshmallow Smoothie <3 gift

If you have any questions about any of these tarts in greater detail, please let me know. I will do a more in depth review for you!

Speaking of! I was asked about Can-Do Candle's Twinkle Toes scent. I took a picture on my phone but I must have accidentally deleted it. Pooh. But I do remember about it. Twinkle Toes was an excellent tart. The throw was medium strong and lasted several hours. The scent was a perky sweet grapefruit and citrus blend that could easily be wearable as personal fragrance. If I ever decide to order from Can-Do, this one would be on my to-order list. 

BOOKS! I was browsing Books-A-Million with my sister Lindsey and found these treasures in the Bargain Shelving. These were $5 each! The deal was Buy 2 Get 1 Free so I picked The Language of Flowers for Lindsey to have, I hope it is good.

Elizabeth I by Margaret George is a historical novel that has mixed reviews, but since I loved Catherine The Great I am betting I will enjoy this one as well. They seem along the same style.

The Kingmaker's Daughter by Phillippa Gregory is more up in the air. I usually enjoy her novels (with a grain of salt as far as historical accuracy goes) but the last few, The White Queen and The Red Queen, were more difficult to enjoy as easily. I am hoping this one is more palatable. 

Aren't hardback books so beautiful?

Find any bargain books? What book are you reading currently?


  1. what did CFTKR Cleopatra smell like?

    I am starting the book challenge & my neighbor just highly recommended Sabriel by Garth Nix. I think she said it was a triology, but she dropped off book 1 with me this morning. So that will take care of #6! :)

    1. Sultry! She smells anointed with amber, rosewood and vanilla. I could be totally off with the actual notes but that is some if what I gather. Maybe even citrus and rose.

      Woohoo! I hope you blog some of your book choices! Let me know if that book is a must read please!

  2. Strawberry peppermint, sugar cookie, pecan waffle?!?! Sounds like lots of great scents in that basket!!

    Yay for book sales!! I haven't read anything by Phillippa Gregory yet, but I've heard good things. I think I have a freebie on my Kindle but haven't gotten around to it yet. And yes, hardbacks are beautiful!! :-)

    1. Strawberry peppermint is one I look forward to most! I usually dislike berry and mint combos but this one smells great!!!

      Hey lady. We are overdue. I have a wee Christmas gift waiting on you. And we need to catch up. And please try out Phillippa! Let me know what you think!

  3. Those books look so smart and elegant without their covers. I hope you love reading them.
    I'm so glad you enjoyed Twinkle Toes. I liked it as well but my grapefruit hater husband said get rid of it :p

    1. Don't they?! I am not a fan of book covers. It may be blasphemy but the covers are the first thing to go. They get in my way too. Unless I am borrowing. Then they stay on.

      Twinkle Toes! Thank you!!! Such a playful young scent! Xoxo