Thursday, August 27, 2015

Handmade in Florida: August Order

Handmade in Florida opened for orders August 1st at 4pm EST. There were quite a few scents that I wanted to try but settled on three to bring home. The soaps were $8 each and arrived Friday August 23rd. 

Lovely Lavender is scented with "premium high altitude, steam distilled French lavender essential oil." The aroma is incredibly narcotic with herbal yet sweet lavender essence. The texture is silky and bouncy emitting mounds of soft creamy bubbles. This soap is a staple soap. One I always want to have on hand.

Southern Rose "a delicate arrangement of lush velvet roses and sweet southern magnolias on a sandalwood and amber base." Incredible. A young sweet pink rose that never gets fusty. The magonilas harbor olfactive images of green tea, water reeds, and tender tiny pink apples. Sandalwood and amber warm up and smooth the florals into a stunning harmony. A truly beautifully scented soap that I am going to tuck away for spring and summer next year. A buried treasure to look forward to.

Moroccan Mint Tea "a refreshing blend of mint and finely ground organic Moroccan mint tea leaves." The mint is bright with the tang of spearmint, ebony tea flakes bring a tobacco earthiness that grounds the mint. Almost a touch of anise. A calming and peaceful blend that I am so very happy to have on hand.

Free Samples:

Mango Smoothie- A sweet and refreshing blend of mango, guava, green melon and pineapple. Very aquatic and mellow.

School Daze- Smells like Juicyfruit! Jimmy Buffett would be proud.

Sensual Oudh- A deep and complex blending of oudh, sandalwood, cedarwood, leather, patchouli, vetiver, amber, tonka, and vanilla. I so wish I would have grabbed this bar. The leather and woods feel dark and realistic. Aged. Rare. This smells like a high end fragrance. 

I am completely content with my second Handmade in Florida order. You do have to pay attention and follow Zahida's business page on Facebook to keep in the loop about releases. Items do not stick around for very long but I find it pretty easy to order right when she opens. I also love that these gorgeous soaps are made only 30 minutes from my home. Oh! How grand would it be to get to watch her make her magic. If you have not tried these creamy bars of highly fragrant silken suds you need to. What kind of soapy scent do you crave? Fruity? Floral? Minty? 


  1. Thank you for the lovely write up and beautiful pictures Julie! I always enjoy reading your reviews and admiring your photography. Thank you neighbor! 💗

    1. Thank you for reading Zahida! It is easy to take nice pictures of a beautiful product <3 I am looking forward to your next restock.

  2. Very pretty as always. The smokier scents are appealing to me right now, I have a sliver of Holy Bacon in my bathroom. My nose and stomach are probably the only parts of me ready for fall. :)

    1. You might like Sensual Oudh then! I love smokey scents too. Adam. Not so much. So I have to reign it in sometimes. That Holy Bacon was pretty incredible. Hope you have a great upcoming week.