Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Streetman: July Order

Heather Streetman posted in her Facebook group last month that she was open to some custom orders for wax tarts via messaging. I hurriedly messaged her with some one ounce scent shot requests (and an exfoliating shave cream, but alas, she was out). Heather quickly whipped up my order and sent it out. She is a wonderfully sweet lady and has some really amazing wax. You can still message her about custom wax orders, so get on it! She will also be coming out with a candle line in the future and her body products and seasonings will be available too here shortly. After placing this order and smelling some of the samples I ordered two more scents. So what did I get?!

Strawberry Woods- Bought and reviewed previously but I am still in love. A surprisingly delicious blend of strawberry and woods (reminds me of sandalwood and musk). Streetman strawberry is top notch. I actually plan on blending this with Summer Lovin'. 

Cotton Candied Spruce Berries- An oldie but a goodie. Repurchase times a thousand. A great year 'round berry scent. Can you tell I like my berries woodsy?

Lemon Berry Fields Forever- Repurchase. Again. And again. A sweet berry and citrus floral that smells so strong and lovely. 

Salt & Lime- I got this as a sample last order and fell madly deeply obsessed. Lauren can vouch for me. This blend is the bees knees. The best sour lime salt that makes your mouth water and jaws pinch. 

Summer Lovin'- Repurchase. See a theme here? Sorry to be boring, but these are scents I just can't get from other vendors. A gorgeous smooth vanilla sandalwood blend with depth. 

Lavender Mint- The mint is very soft and mellow, nicely highlighting the herbal lavender and rounding its green edges. Lovely. 

Peppermint Eucalyptus Pine-  I asked Heather to blend up something piney and minty. This is perfect. The mint has a nice backbone that supports the camphor and resins of the pine and eucalyptus. It smells like an Aspen lodge spa. 

Free Samples:

Pinked Eucalyptus- Amazing. Heavy Pink Sugar with minty eucalyptus whispering around the edges. Bought more. 

30 Below- A musky vanilla mint that I am swooning over. Swooning. Bought more. 

Salty Sea Air- An ozonic driftwood type scent that reminds me of Cactus & Sea Salt in its aquatic vibe. 

Earth- Legit, straight up bag of potting soil. Opened and moist, ready to nurture some seeds. 

Apple Cinnamon Honey Cake- So yum. A nice fat sweet mac apple with a teeny tiny touch of spice and a glug of honey. Saving for fall. 

I highly highly recommend getting some Streetman wax before the wax tart shop closes and she runs out of wax supplies. I am so happy to have a box of these little scent shots to melt for months to come. What are some of your favorite Streetman scents? Are there some I should be getting but missed? Have you messaged her yet?!


  1. I always enjoy reading your scent reviews; I had no heard of this wax brand before. Some of the combos sound very unique! I have some perfume reviews up on my blog that you may enjoy. I should review more wax, but I go through so much that I never get around to it, haha!

    1. Thank you Amanda! I will head over and check those out! I love perfume reviews <3 It can be daunting to review wax with so much melting going on.

  2. This is one amazing order! I would totally get everything in this order. Have fun with them!

    1. Thanks! Heather carries some really nice scents! I just got my order of more 30 Below and Pinked Eucalyptus! Incredible! She is still taking custom orders via FB message.

      I have been having fun blending some! Summer Lovin and Strawberry Woods goes great together!