Friday, August 28, 2015

Warmed Wax: CFTKR and LPL

CFTKR Apple Cinnamon Strudel seriously delicious. This cuttable cinnamon roll shape got distributed around the house and created a cozy spiced atmosphere. Medium strong throw of sweet apples, cinnamon and doughy cake. Repurchase if I ever see it again. You should get it too!

CFTKR Grandma's Cupboard reminded me of Christmas cookie baking binges. It had a rich oatmeal aroma with a pinch of spice. One of the first oatmeal tarts I have enjoyed. Not dry or cardboard-like. Medium throw. Repurchase.

CFTRK Country Gift Shop was one Darby and I ooohed and aaaahed over while we were in the cabin in North Carolina. It was a strong spiced dried apples and potpourri scent that immediately made the cabin a cozy place and like home. Repurchase.

Lake Providence Lodge Cinnamon Creek was not spicy in the Cinnamon Broom sense. It was sweet like mellow candy and fruits with a more watery cinnamon note. The throw was medium. I personally would not repurchase but that is because I adore spicy cinnamons. If you want to get your cinnamon toe wet without watering your eyes, this one might be for you.

GUYS! I am only one book away from finishing my 2015 book reading challenge! I am technically cheating because my published in 2015 book was published in October 2014, but I am calling it fair. I read a ton of books recently and cannot wait to tell you all about them. My current is a re-read of Jurassic Park. I was a teenager the last time I read it and forgot just how different it was from the movie. I adore Michael Crichton novels. What are you reading?

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