Friday, August 7, 2015

Melting Basket 42

Wax tarts I would repurchase from the last basket include: Rosegirls Sugared Jasmine & Gilligan's Brew, Sniff My Tarts Pink Peppermint, CFTKR Coconut Marshmallow, TBG Gardenia Coconut Cream.

Rosegirls- Beach Vacation
Rosegirls- Delicate Daisy
Rosegirls- Posh Pristine Peach
Glitterati- Vanilla Pink Peppermint
VDC- Bayside Gardenia
CFTKR- Blackberry & Bay
CFTKR- Strawberry Passion
CFTKR- Strawberry Musk
CFTKR- Vanilla Bean Noel Fluff <3 gift
Super Tarts- Katniss <3 gift
Super Tarts- Data <3 gift
Streetman- Lemon Berry Fields Forever
The Country Scent Shack- Apple Cinnamon

If you would like to hear more about any of these scents please let me know and I will review them just for you!

So I have not done an order update in a while. I have quite a few exciting new orders in process: The Bathing Garden, Rosegirls, Streetman and Dessa's for wax. For bathing I have: FuturePrimitive and Handmade in Florida. For perfume I have: Le Labo city exclusive samples and my Olfactif box. 

Sniff My Tarts is slated to open August 15th at noon and I hope to order a few chunks and sheet cakes. It is supposed to be a super fast opening in order to cut down on their TAT. Right now they are running around 8 or 9 months. 

This Saturday (tomorrow) at 6pm EST I believe, Solstice Scents will be releasing their much anticipated EDP fragrances. I am hoping to try a few in sample sizes. 

Have you ordered anything you are looking forward to getting? I hope your August is going beautifully!


  1. That purple/red flower pic would be an awesome desktop background.

    I have no more orders pending or planned. I think I'm pretty much set for fall and winter scents, but I'll still pick up any BH&G or Scentsationals fall/winter that appeal to me as they come out.


    1. Thank you! It was from when we went to Helen, GA and stopped for some roadside wild flowers. My favorite!

      I have been keeping my eyes peeled for fall BHG scents!

  2. I'm not sure I've ever asked... how long does a melting basket last you?

    1. A small one like this, maybe 5 days. But usually a week. I only melt a few from big bags. Not all of it. But scent shots go in whole :-) and I use two cubes of a clamshell in each warmer.