Friday, August 21, 2015

Le Labo City Exclusives: Moscow, Dubai, Chicago

Until the end of the month, Le Labo is selling their city exclusives online both in sample and larger bottle sizes. After falling in love with Gaiac 10 I could not wait to try a few from places I don't see myself traveling to anytime soon. 

Baie Rose 26 (Chicago exclusive)- This fragrance was built around jazz and includes notes such as: pink pepper (baie rose in French), cloves, cedar, aldehyde, rose absolute, musk and ambrox. A rose garden emerges from the first spray then slowly transforms from a melancholy stroll through the red roses to an evening of dancing under the stars in dark places. The pepper and spices sharpen up the aroma, enliven it and add funk. The cumin notes emerge and make me think of Serge Lutens Fleur d'Oranger in a very strong way, with its hint of skanky cumin that I adore. But instead of being orange blossom centric, it is rose centric. I love it.

Cuir 28 (Dubai exclusive)- A perfume that reflects a rebel without a cause. Notes of leather, wood, animal and vanilla compose this scent. As daunting and rebellious as it sounds, it wears beautifully. Leather seats on a motorcycle, burning tar in the asphalt, hot desert ozone and a touch of candy coated lipgloss to protect your delicate pout from the wind. I will be sad when this vial runs dry. 

Benjoin 19 (Moscow exclusive)- Anna Karenina. I am so glad I picked up this book. This perfume is a tribute to the moment she meets Count Vronsky in a Moscow train station. I have not read my copy of the book yet but I will perhaps relate better to it when I do. The structure of this scent is comprised of olibanum, amber, cedar and musks. To my nose it is all about an incensed amber, managing to feel exotic and familiar. 

These 1.5 ml sample vials run $12 each. These were quite the splurge for me. I do not see myself jumping in for a full bottle on any of these at the moment, but who knows. I am very much enjoying these fragrances and where they transport me in the mean time. Have you sampled any exciting perfumes lately? Anything out of your comfort zone? 

And out of curiosity... what would be the maximum amount you would spend on a perfume? Like a once in a lifetime, extra special or milestone purchase?


  1. I just got mine today!! I immediately spritzed Benjoin... LOVE!!! I think it could pass as a masculine scent. I can't wait to try Cuir!
    as for max $$??? had you asked me before our Tokyo LeLabo experience, I'd be like $50 (as long as I "can't live without it, love it") but now?? my poor husband... Gaiac 10 will be mine soon!! lol.

    1. I can't wait to hear what you think about your samples!!! I am simply head over heels. I catch the whiff of scent on me at random times and cannot help but smile.

      I used to be the same exact way until I started discovering more and more unique and exotic scents. And now if I save and it is a huge life event (like Japan!) I will splurge without the merest hint of guilt. Plus now I have a fragrance that will always be tied with you and our wonderful time together. It doesn't get sweeter than that.