Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Country Mermaids: July Mermail Subscription

My July Mermail from Country Mermaids came and had three really cute pairs of earrings! This time two out of the three had metal butterfly backs and only one had the rubber knobs. I was really happy to see that. I also of course love the colors and shimmer of the first and last pair. The middle pair have a bokeh image of colored lights that the photographer in me loves. I think you can tell I am addicted to bokeh. 

This subscription was fun and very affordable ($10/month shipped) but now that I have a dozen pairs of earrings I am good for a little while. I canceled but may pick it back up at another time if I need more earrings. Plus I like that their individually sold earrings are priced affordable as well. 

I keep looking at the book subscriptions. o_O
Are any new sub boxes taunting you?


  1. You keep making me curious about this earring subscription thing! The earrings look sooo cute! Do they seem like they'll hold up well? I ask because my daughters love getting earrings from places like Claire's, but they never last long. They're cheaply made. But it seems like well made ones are expensive!

    I've seen some book subscriptions but I haven't signed up for any. I've thought about it! :)

    1. I think these will last a little while. For only $4-5 a pair they are not super high quality like designer costume jewelry but I do think for $10 a month for three pairs it is worth it. Especially for your girls!!! The colors and types are just too fun. My girls flock to them every time.

      I want a book one sooooo bad! But $30 a month sounds steep for some reason. I may just have to suck it up and do it.