Saturday, August 15, 2015

Olfactif Artisan Perfume Subscription: August

August's Olfactif box is themed Earth, Wind, Fire. An ode to the fleeting days of an Indian summer. 

Olfactif remains $18 per month for three curated vials of various artisan perfumes. Recently, Olfactif has started a new subscription just for men who prefer all masculine scents. The regular subscription will remain the same, but the new one allows for masculine only men to enjoy new niche and artisan fragrances as well. If you are interested, use the code 4MEN to get 15% off a 1, 3, 6, or 12 month subscription. 

The Good Earth by Atelier de Geste- Notes Include: Galbanum, fresh leaf bouquet, geranium, peony, bamboo, opoponax, precious moss oil.
The Good Earth opens new, fresh and green. The soapy cleanliness of unmarred flora. This scent brings to mind Japan's verdant mountains and bamboo forests. Serene, living, breathing abundant plant life. As it dries it ages from new to ancient. Umber mosses resurrecting in life, hundreds of years old yet able to bloom as if new when rain falls, scented of a soft green musk. 

What I Did On My Holidays by 4160 Tuesdays- Notes Include: Mint, coconut suntan lotion, sea air, lavender, candy floss, vanilla.
Peppermint coconut marshmallow dreams. Salted lavender lollipops that stick to your lips. What I did on my holidays was relax and drift along on candied clouds along the beach boardwalk with Mr. Sandman.

Dark Horse by Dame Perfumery- Notes Include: Bergamot, lemon, cinnamon, jasmine, carnation, rose, clove, guaiacwood, vetiver, vanilla, musk. 
The bergamot flares with spices and sharp carnations. Igniting images of sunsets in the dessert. The heat  cools to warm embers of sweet woods and musk glowing in the dark. Sultry. Natural.

I enjoy all these perfumes very much and will wear them with joy. The one that struck a cord was What I Did On My Holidays. To have one of my favorite scents from Rosegirls wax tarts, Peppermint Coconut Mallow, translated into a personal fragrance with sophistication, was mind blowing. I really love my Olfactif subscription and continue to look forward to each month. Which of these appeals to you most? Earth, wind, fire?

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  1. Again, you have me curious aboit these subscription services. Do you usually get scents that you like? If you find one that you really like, are you able to purchase more? Sometimes I think I should try some new scents, but I never know what will set off my allergies. So, I always end up buying some Este Lauder (during the free gift time of course, LOL). The subscription thing sounds like a good way to try out a lot of scents!

    1. It is perfect for just that!! I have a very broad range of scent likes so I have not found one yet in these services that I do not like. I have heard that niche and artisan fragrances are less likely to be harsh and allergy inducing but I am not sure if that is true. If you are open to any scent I would try this one. If you would like to streamline the scents to notes you like, choose Scent Trunk. I have a referral link for Scent Trunk on that post. They both cost the same. :-)