Sunday, September 13, 2015

Bodygoodies: Wax Tarts & Lip Love

Heidi at Bodygoodies, hand makes some of my favorite soaps and body products (lotion puck is so amazing) so when she announced free shipping and her first foray into wax tarts.... what's a girls to do?! She started with five scents and I decided on three of those: Cavendish, Refresh, and Lavender (the two I passed on were Spiced Pear and Orange and Vanilla). Her wax formula contains a beeswax blend. I am digging the new beeswax trend I have fallen into. According to her blog post, Heidi took her time really researching the various waxes and chose beeswax due to is paraffin-like properties of firmness and higher fragrance oil loads, but without the toxins that paraffin contains. Heidi also researched the fragrance oils and made sure to choose ones formulated without the 7 commonly included toxins/irritants that are contained in the cheaper versions of fragrance oils. Essential oil fragrance filled wax tarts made it into her line up as well. The round tart shapes contain only essential oils and the cube shapes house fragrance oils.  

Cavendish is Mr. Sexy. All tobacco, vanilla, patchouli and woodsy aromas formed after one of my favorite soaps she creates. The transition of this scent into wax is flawless. One cube melted with a medium throw in my bedroom, creating an elegant and warming atmosphere. Three cubes (an ounce each) come in a bag for $4.50. The prices vary due to types of oils used.

Refresh blends sweet birch, eucalyptus and lavender in an essential oil only blend. Now essential oils are notorious for having a low throw but these tarts break that mold. The scent threw medium strong and lasted about 5 hours. The combination of these fragrances made for a calming and medicinal spa experience with just a hint of wintergreen. $4.00 for three tarts that weigh just under an ounce each.

Lavender embodies lavender essential oil. I know I love Heidi's lavender so I knew I would like this in wax tarts. Her lavender is very herbal with almost a silver metallic twang. Very rich and deep. $3.50 for 3 tarts that weigh just under an ounce each.

Lavender and Mint Lip Love  ($5.00) gets my seal of approval. A nice balance of waxy and oily balm that slips well and conditions. The lavender and mint offers a soothing scent and feel that I appreciate. 

I am enjoying Bodygoodies new journey into wax! The care and research taken to provide safe and quality home fragrance that throws well and is priced well covers all my waxy needs. I hope to see more scents come out, especially minty and spicy fragrances. Way to go Heidi! I love them!


  1. I don't know what I'll do when I run out of Refresh, that one grew on me quickly. I'm eager to try Orange Vanilla now. Have you seen or read about other vendors that make (good) essential oil tarts?

    1. I only know of one more off hand that uses natural ingredients and essential oils but I have not bought from them yet. It was on my recent Etsy wax window shopping post. Purely Natural or something like that.

    2. Here it is! Simply Pure Scents: