Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Melting Basket 46

Wax tarts I would happily buy again from the last basket include: CFTKR Autumn Lodge sooo yum!, Rosegirls Macintosh Madness Swizzle Sticks, Streetman 30 Below this scent lasted forever, Dessa's Harvest Moon and Autumn Campfire.

Rosegirls- Sweet Lavender scoopable
Rosegirls- Pink Spearmint scoopable
Rosegirls- Marshmallow Spearmint scoopable
CFTKR- Baked Apple
CFTKR-Autumn Morn
CFTKR- Cedar Sage and Blackberry
CFTKR- Ultimate Serendipity
CFTKR- Tayberry & Teakwood <3 gift
Tiffany Candles- Cotton Candy Frosting <3 gift
Ten Digit Creations- Vintage Vanilla
Dessa's Homespun Scents- Gingerbread House
Yankee Candle- Patchouli <3 gift
Long Cane Primitives- Cinnamon Broom <3 gift
The Candle Lab- Mahogany/Dad's Den/Coconut <3 gift So excited about this one!
The Candle Lab- Pine Needles/Cinnamon/Vanilla Bean <3 gift
Stephanie's Homemade Wax- Fresh Picked Apple Creme Brulee

If there are any in my current basket you would like me to review in depth, please comment below and I would be delighted to!

How is your September going? I did great about cutting out the prepackaged junk food so far and being outside enjoying nature more but the rest is lagging a bit. Trying to just keep moving forward the best I can. 

I have a few things coming up that I am looking forward to: another 5 Sisters Crafternoon (I am going to make and bring those super cute rose shaped apple tartlettes Amanda posted on the giveaway), a movie date with Tricia to see Scorch Trials and I finally broke down and decided to try the Bookish Box for a month.

What does September hold for you? Have any crafts going? Books? Movies? Events? Orders?


  1. I made an attempt at being crafty the other day but was disappointed, both in how it turned out and the realization that it wasn't really as cheap as I'd thought. *sigh* Not much going on here. My Sweet Fixations order should be here today or tomorrow though! Yay!


    1. Crafting is not cheap anymore :-/ My wallet twitches now when I go to buy fabric or craft supplies. I cannot wait to get my craft on though. It puts me in such a good mood. Unless there is chip chomping involved. Looking forward to your Sweet Fixations order. Is it silly that I am dying to see if she ever fixed her printer and went back to the cute labels???

    2. The labels are slightly different but yes, they are back to having the cute pictures. The order did arrive today. I'm in sniffing heaven!


  2. Just last night I went through my tart stash and cut it in half. I still have a headache from the fragrance overdose @.@
    I have been feeling rather unmotivated to leave the house and stay active. I feel like it's either the weather or just being stuck in my own head, as I tend to do.
    I'm anxious because my name is coming up on the Glitterati customs list soon and I don't know if I'm going to have internet when that comes up. I want my Glitterati, but this is too soon!! XD
    I'd love to hear more about Rosegirls Pink Spearmint and CFTKR Autumn Morn!

    1. Wowza! Did you toss it or are you sending it out to folks? I thought mine was getting too big but then I went on another gifting spree and the drawers are half empty again. Ready to embrace me LSC order that is to arrive.

      If you need me to submit the order for you please holler! I am sure Janine won't mind at all.

      The constant rain and drizzle here make being more active tough for me too. I prefer to walk/jog/bike in the evenings but it just doesn't always happen. After work, dinner, and lunch prepping for the next day I am beat.

      I will be more than happy to review those! I haven't melted Autumn Morn yet. Excited about it though!

  3. Awesome melting basket. I can't wait to hear how the Candle Lab ones perform for you!! Have you melted any others yet? Also, that first photo of the path is positively dreamy!! Was that taken near you?

    1. Thanks! I am looking forward to melting these guys. I did melt the lavender pear and the hops one. So good! I will do a melted post in these two. Next to the big clamshell, these two are my fave on cold sniff. The throw has been great on the Candle Lab goodies. Thank you for letting me try them!!

      I so wish it was near me. All these photos are from North Carolina. The path was a nature trail at Fires Creek Falls. So much beauty up there. Can you tell I am wistful to go back? Next summer we are going to the Blue Ridge mountains instead of the Smokies. I am already pinning so many little places to visit up there.

  4. I am so behind in reading your blog (and everyone else's blogs) -- I miss your beautiful style! Love the photos you took. I am looking forward to cooler weather, so that I enjoy my time outdoors more. I am outside every day with my dogs, but it's still hot and I get tired of feeling sweaty. I know you know the feeling even more so, because of Florida humidity!

    This month I've been getting SUPER into my new facial skincare regimen. Since I got diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma a few weeks ago, I've taken my skin care from relaxedly-serious to extremely militant serious. I've been reading about so many products and treatments, and now I've got my new "system" and already noticing positive results! Very satisfying and actually "fun" -- just wish I could have skipped the cancer part!

    The other thing I've been doing in September is preparing for cooler weather by going through wax melts and candles I want to enjoy this autumn, picking out new crock pot recipes, browsing for sweaters, and shopping for a backpack for one of my dogs (for hiking!) Basically just dreaming of the end of heat! LOL.

    1. I can totally relate. Thankfully this week we had a few less humid days and the highs were only in the 80's so not bad at all. I am ready for those brisk days in the 70's and60's

      I am so sorry to hear about your skin cancer Nancy. I will be praying for you. What are you using in your new skin care routine? I have still been hooked on my results with Innisfree. My skin responds well to it. Other than sunscreen are there other precautions that can be taken for skin cancer?

      Sweaters, wax and hiking! Yes! I have been itching to go in more trails lately. I think I will try to get out more and not stay so clustered to my neighborhood. I am in the mood for soups. I need to look up some recipes! <3 I hope you have a great weekend Nancy!

    2. Thank you, Julie! I hope you and your family have a great weekend, too. :)

      Oh my goodness, I have learned SO MUCH about skin cancer now. There are a lot of things we can do to protect ourselves -- the keys are sun protection and regularly getting anything weird on our skin checked out. The sad part is that sun damage before the age of ten can sow the seeds of cancer in adulthood. I had so many bad sunburns growing up in CA in the 1970s! I am very fair and always burn. However, I've learned that people with all skin colors and types are at risk. So I guess just always putting sunblock on your girls is key, too. We didn't have that kind of awareness when I was a kid. In fact, it's shocking, but I remember a school fundraiser in elementary school were we were selling "suntan oil" -- essentially to get people to put oil on their skin to tan/burn more!!! So scary.

      The genie is out of the bottle now that you've asked me about my new skin care regimen!!! Here it is in all the detail! I apologize in advance if this is just way too much info!!!! :D
      (see next comment since it's too long of a comment)

    3. Morning:

      --Mychelle Creamy Pumpkin Cleanser (used with Clarisonic Mia 1 with sensitive head)

      --I use (and have used for years) a homemade toner made from rose water hydrasol, witch hazel, and vegetable glycerin:
      I got that from using a great Farmaesthetics Flower Water -- I just started making my own in their bottle once I ran out.

      Moisturize: I'm layering several things here:
      --Mychelle Perfect C Serum:
      --Argan and Baobab oils: for years I've used Argan from Aura Cacia & Baobab from Powbab. I'm still using those independently, but also Mychelle's Argan, which has Baobab, is amazing, so I'm transitioning over.
      --Mychelle Fabulous Eye Cream
      --Mychelle Pumpkin Renew Cream

      --I have to wear sunblock every day. I'm using Mychelle Solar Defense 30 on top of everything above(!) for daily use.
      --When I go into the sun (like, walking dogs, etc), I will up it to 55 or 70 SPF that I get at Costco, from Neutrogena (it works extremely well and isn't greasy or heavy):

      All of that is just for the day!


      Cleanse and remove makeup:
      --Kirkland Facial Cloth from Costco (been using these for years - they are great):

      --MyChelle's Peptide Anti-Wrinkle Serum
      --MyChelle Remarkable Retinal Serum
      --MyChelle Fabulous Eye cream (again)
      --MyChelle Deep Repair Cream
      --MyChelle Supreme Polypeptide Cream

      With all of those things, I also always have all kinds of samples and stuff, and I'm trying to do masks 1-2 times/week, as well as occasional scrubs (although I've found that I don't have to exfoliate nearly as much now that I use the Clarisonic -- I've been using it about 6 months or so, maybe a little longer. But I am going to buy this one this coming week: -- I usually make my own facial scrubs, but I'm all in with MyChelle right now.) All of this is a lot, but I'm committing to it! The masks I'm using include the Nerd Skincare mask I recently mini-reviewed on Instagram, as well as Mychelle's Pure Harmony Mask.

      I also love this -- but I've never bought it! Too expensive -- but I get samples from Sephora and it's amazing:

      And I love Lush, of course, and Farmaesthetics. But anyway -- that's what I'm doing right now! I'm seeing the surgeon and scheduling my surgery on Thursday -- this has helped me deal with the anxiety about cancer and my skin is already looking great!

    4. PS. Thank you for your prayers, too. It's been very stressful -- even though I am beyond grateful that it's not metastatic, it is still so scary to hear "cancer" come out of their mouths. I am so grateful to have amazing doctors and health insurance! Thanks again!

    5. PSS. Sorry for all the comments! But I forgot to say thanks for the Innisfree rec. I am going to google now. :)

      Thus ends Nancy's ridiculous millions of comments, for now!

    6. I remember those days too. Clearwater beach in the 80's and 90's was all about rubbing solid sticks of Cocoa Butter all over to get a deep dark tan. I have naturally darker skin that tans easily but you are absolutely right.... skin color does not matter. I had a spot cut out of my thigh about a year ago. It came back negative but it was an eye opener. The girls tan easily too but I keep them lathered up with sunblock as best I can. I swear those girls would live out doors, Swiss Family Robinson style if I let them.

      Thank you for posting your skin care routine!! It is incredible! The counterspace! LOL! I am going to try my hand at making your toner. I use Lush Tea Tree Water right now but I so adore the rosewater I was using before that. Do you think I could add some tea tree oil to it to help keep acne at bay?

      I am on a mask kick too. Once my Japanese ones run out I am looking into the Nerd Skincare ones.

      Cancer is always to be taken seriously, not matter what the recovery rate is. Know that you have people that care about you and are pulling for you to be cancer free. And please, never apologize for millions of comments :-D I love chatting and you gave me very valuable information. Enjoy your Lemon Pesto. I am jelly.