Friday, September 25, 2015

Melting Basket 47

The last basket had a ton of repurchases! I must have made a doozy! Tarts I would absolutely buy again include: RG Pink Spearmint, CFTKR Baked Apple, Cedar Sage & Blackberry, and Ultimate Serendipity, TDC Vintage Vanilla a beautiful musky vanilla that throws insanely and lasts all day long, LCP Cinnamon Broom, The Candle Lab Mahogany/Dad's Den/Coconut and Pine Needles/Cinnamon/Vanilla Bean I am hoping to bring you all more about The Candle Lab soon. 

Bodygoodies- Cavendish
The Bathing Garden- Hoarfrost Tonic
Rosegirls- Garden of Eden scoopable
Rosegirls- Cedar and Saffron scoopable
Rosegirls- Lavender Mallow Smoothie
Rosegirls- O Captain! My Captain! I cannot believe I am actually melting this... hoard mode forever.
Sugar & Spice- Marshmallow Fireside Marshmallow Noel
Lasting Scent Candles- Smoking Mirrors
Streetman- Fig Berry Vanilla Bean
Warm Ups- Mahogany
CFTKR- Blackberry & Bay (Jo Malone Type)
Rustik Country Krafts- Nag Champa
Rustik Country Krafts- Patchouli

A hippy, earthy, smokey, and herbal basket. This category of tarts was starting to pile up in my wax drawer (I store my wax like Jacqui- by scent genres). So I decided what better time to melt some earthy than fall? If there are any you would like reviewed in depth please comment and it would make me happy to do so!

I started lamenting that fact that I really did not have much to explore around my home nature-wise... then I remembered... duh. You have woods in your backyard. Is it like if you see something long enough you forget it is there? Or maybe I just never really thought there could be beauty in a tiny and somewhat urban stretch of trees. 

I was wrong. Thankfully.

So I gained dozens of mosquito bites, a few scratches, and several burrs but I also drank in nature. I tried to ignore the random trash and thorns, but isn't that what we do in life? Choose to ignore the ugly and negative sometimes and focus on the beauty and positive. I need to, at least a little. Or getting through a day is sometimes difficult. 

This weekend brings my in-laws up for a visit, maybe some fall pumpkin something or other baking, and hopefully some reading. My book pile has grown lately. How is your week going? Looking forward to anything? 


  1. Enjoy this is a favorite basket of mine. I'm all about A hippy, earthy, smokey, and herbal basket. I'm a incense lover. I think it stems for my mom in her hippy pot smoking yrs :). Enjoy Nag Champa is the truth.

    1. Glad to know you love hippy scents too!! I can't get enough patchouli, nag champa, incense or dragon's blood lately. Do you burn sticks? Who has your favorite??

  2. oooo... what a fantastic basket!! tell me more about RG: garden of Eden & LSC: smoking mirrors, please!
    not a whole lot going on this weekend.. just gona take it easy... and finally pull out all the halloween decor.

    1. Yes! Will review those! Kathy is opening a new website for her Rosegirls scoopables. I can't wait to melt the LSC one: mahogany, pomegranate and leather and stuff? Wowza! Taking it easy is so very nice. Have fun decorating my sweet! Take pics!!!

  3. I have wondered what lies behind your home in those woods... besides wandering cows at least. Maybe a squatch? Haha. Sugar and spice marshmallow is soooo good. What a great basket!

    1. I have seen a wolf, a bobcat, a bald eagle, and our resident gopher tortious too. I think they would be a perfect wood for a juvinike skunk ape. I should do my call.....

  4. Those pictures are so worth the bites and scratches. That cobweb! I love what you've been melting lately J!
    ...The Candle Lab ----can't wait to

    1. Thank you!! I think I will try to venture out the remote often. This basket is all about the soothing. Ready to get my chill on.

      I am so excited to be able to partner with The Candle Lab! I am looking forward to really diving into their offerings. Their scent list is excellent.