Monday, September 14, 2015

Olfactive Artisan Perfume Subscription: September

Just when I think Olfactif cannot top itself, it does. September might be my favorite month to date for this subscription. The theme is Tauerville, a new line of more affordable, yet still high quality perfumes from the artisan perfumer Andy Tauer. Almost exactly a year ago I blogged about some of his perfumes that I chose in the Discovery sample set he offers (and still does). Past interactions with Tauer fragrances formed me into a fan not only of him but his creations as well. Let's check out his first three fragrances to debut at Tauerville!

Rose Flash by Tauerville- Notes include: A diffusive, tanacious, extrait-strength creation, overflowing with greens, spices, citrus, and woods.
The description holds true. I applied this delicious rose morphling at 6am and it was still gracing the crook of my arm at 3pm. What a journey those many hours contained! The opening brimming with sweet burgundy rose petals macerated with tender golden tobacco leaves and sugar cane. Slowly green shoots of vetiver, and the prick of rose thorns and serrated leaves prune away some of the sweetness and molasses. Over time the greenery dies back and browns, revealing the phoenix of the sweet rose, delicate and shy in her newness but candied once again. All I can say is: full bottle. I must have it. And at $63 for a full 30 ml bottle, it is quite affordable. Especially when I use my $18 off monthly coupon that is included in my Olfactif subscription. 

Vanilla Flash by Tauerville- Notes include: Spices, rose, patchouli, tobacco, natural Bourbon vanilla.
Vanilla Flash hums with candy coated suede and raw vanilla bean husks, the rose slips in to enhance the herbaceous and floral aspects of the vanilla bean orchid. Midway, tobacco leaves unfurl like the fronds of a fiddle-head fern and remain within sniffing distance the rest of the way through Vanilla Flash's development. The tobacco has a butternut quality that I appreciate for nostalgia's sake. Another wonderfully crafted perfume. This one did not last as long as Rose Flash, but still holds its own at about 4-5 hours of strong wear. Again, 30 ml bottle for $63.

Incense Flash by Tauerville- Notes include: Leather, musky woods, ambergris, natural Boswellia serrata incense. 
A dry smoked woods and aged leather concoction floats from the skin, smoldering with frankincense resins. This one threw me for a loop though because while wearing it a few of my students commented that I smelled good, like cinnamon. I knew it wasn't my home fragrance clinging to my clothing because I had been burning a vanilla candle for the past few days. When the second person mentioned the cinnamon I let them smell my wrist and asked if this smelled like cinnamon? Yes! was the answer. Hmmm. I never would have pegged it as a cinnamon aroma, but each nose to its own. Regardless... it clearly smells good to more than just myself. A 30 ml bottle is $63.

Oh! I will probably never be able to choose just one. I will eventually get all three. Call me a glutton. But the first will be Rose Flash. Tauerville also offers a 10 ml rollerball for only $30. He only ships to Switzerland and thankfully, the United States. What a dreamy Olfactif box. I simply cannot rave enough. 

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