Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Lasting Scent Candles: Fall Order

Gaze upon the bounty. The hauntingly festive autumnal hues and illustrations. The cornucopia that is my fall Lasting Scent Candles order. 

Banana Chai Muffins- Ripe mashed bananas, brown sugar, nutmeg, clove, pumpkin chai and honey glazed walnuts.
Banana cupcakes with a sweet spicy warmth and richness from the pumpkin. Superb.

Lemon Ginger Snaps- Crispy gingersnap cookies, sugared lemon creme frosting and candy sugar sprinkles.
LSC lemon is decadent, add a touch of gingersnap and it is overboard. I bet this one really blooms when melted.

Pumpkin Tea Bread- Pumpkin bread, black tea, holiday spices and brown sugar.
The tea is very sweet and sugary. I am hoping the spices and pumpkin emerge more when warmed. A unique blend I am highly anticipating using.

Butter Run Pumpkin Brittle- Butter rum, butterscotch, pumpkin puree, and vanilla buttercream sauce.
No punches pulled on this guy. Strong butterscotch that gets stuck in the teeth and tastes like bliss. The pumpkin offers a touch of golden deepness.

Sweet Decadence- Cakes and frostings.
The best creamy thick vanilla ever. Yum.

Holiday Bakery- Cookies, buttery gingerbread, cupcakes and pumpkin.
The buttery gingerbread pops the most right now. Not my favorite of the bunch but still a nice scent.

Dunkin' Punkin's- Dunkin' sticks, pumpkin glaze, caramel syrup.
Pumpkin donuts and caramel. Simple goodness.

Pumpkin Mallow Grahams- Graham crackers, pumpkin filling, sticky marshmallow.
The graham crackers smell so comforting in this. Add marshmallow pumpkins and it elevates it to delicious.

Pumpkin Kiss- Sweet Decadence with pumpkin filling.
Pumpkin Kiss is a touch more spiced and rich than the regular Sweet Decadence, but nothing in it hollers pumpkin. 

Fall Fest- Apples, pumpkins, autumn spices.
One of my top favorites in the order. A simply fantastic sweet, rich blending of everything fall. The apples manage to emit cider and fresh picked all at once. The pumpkins are bouncy and orange. 

Spooky Apparitions- Yummy pumpkin, two sugars, sticky marshmallows.
I smell caramel and butter brickle. With added marshmallow. A pleasant scent but not very pumpkin-y.

Cobweb Cookies- Sweet creamy cookies.
Candy corn studded sugar cookies! Most spooktacular!

Apple Snap- Apples, cranberries and warm spices.
The cranberries push the apples into tart juicy territory. The spices are neither too much nor too little. A stand out blend.

Autumn Apple Moonshine- Oak aged mulled cider, apples, mandarin oranges, cinnamon and clove.
Another top favorite. The oak pulls through, transforming an ordinary cider into an event. Not just a cup, but a cup in the woods by a campfire, wearing mittens and stirring with a cinnamon stick. 

Blood Moon- Blood oranges, mandarins, ginger, clove and cinnamon.
How apropos for this past week. Wow does this kick! The ginger snaps the nose hairs to attention. A stellar spiced pomander type of fragrance. Adore.

Pumpkin Stuffed French Toast- Sweet creamy pumpkin, French toast, maple butter syrup and cinnamon.
Creamy, rich, butter brickle bite pumpkin bread. Super cozy and bakery.

Cinnamon Sugar Donuts- Fried cake donut with cinnamon sugar.
The best cinnamon donut scent on the planet. This smells better than actual cinnamon donuts. The spice and dough are multi dimensional and realistic. 

Scotchie Coffee- Butterscotch, coffee, sweet cream, butterscotch caramel sauce.
I don't like coffee scents or cream scents in general, but I love this one. All the extra caramel and butterscotch make all the difference. 

Black Pumpkin- Patchouli and pumpkin.
Another top favorite in the order. Smooth and wicked like an ex-boyfriend. The patchouli is silky and dark while the pumpkin makes it feel like a midnight autumn dance.

Sweet Embers- Marshmallow, warm fire, amber, woods and magic.
My #1 FAVORITE! The best Marshmallow Fireside dupe on the market in my humble opinion. If there wasn't a limit of two I would buy as many as I could click into my cart. Consider y'all's selves lucky. 

Spooky Brew- Chai tea, pumpkin cream, marshmallow froth.
MMMM!! The pumpkin chai reminds me of something I would order at Starbucks. It smells just like the Tazo goodness. 

Perfect Autumn Day- A cool perfect sunny autumn day.
Hay, leaves, earth, green grass and fresh air. 

Autumn Dreamin'- Lavender and vanilla bean pumpkin.
Lavender and pumpkin make good bedfellows when it is LSC lavender. Creamy, sweet and never herbal. Almost vanilla-esque. Wonderful scent.

Cabin Fever- Crisp fall leaves, autumn spices, cedar, mahogany and woods.
Primitive forests, aging cabin, cold ash in the hearth and herbs hanging from faded twine in the kitchen. 

Wow. I am knocked out guys. This order had me gushing over it again and again. Lasting Scent Candles will be opening again for a Christmas release pretty soon here I think. Like their Facebook page and watch for opening announcements. Tarts run $1.75 each and smell amazing. Which of these would you want to sniff? Did you get an order in? What are your thoughts?


  1. Your pictures are glorious and your words are poetic. If I hadn't gotten my own autumnal LSC order I'd be green with envy after feasting on your review. I was like a giddy school girl when opening my package and love every single one. Pam is a master blender, a tart making genius, in my opinion, and I'm thankful that I was able to get my hands on more of her artful creations. I am so looking forward to LSC holiday treats!

    1. Thank you so much Anon! Aren't they incredible?! Glad you got an order in. Which one are you most anticipating? I hope we can all get a holiday order in too. I will be watching their FB page with my creeper goggles on. I keep hoping "just one more opening... One more opening."

    2. I'm super excited to melt Pumpkin Tea Bread, Sweet Decadence, Blood Moon, Autumn Apple Moonshine and Fall Fest. Sorry, I can't narrow it down more than that. ;D

    3. Those are all in my favorites too. We will have done cozy smelling homes!

  2. We got a few of the same scents, I see. I keep forgetting I have my own LSC order! They must be in the other of my fall stash boxes because I never see them when I grab something to melt from the current box. I'll have to shuffle things around and get going on some of my own LSC.


    1. I was wondering why you have not melted them yet! I hope you like them. I am quite enjoying mine. I bet you will love the pumpkin French toast one.

    2. My 'Melted' posts are actually way off. I have them scheduled for one a day, but actually, the stuff I'm melting today won't show up until next weekend. I don't really like doing it this way but at least it guarantees one post each day.


    3. I love getting ahead and having posts on deck. I am woefully behind right now. But hopefully can catch back up this weekend.

  3. Wow, that's a lot of different scents! I think the cinnamon sugar donuts would make me hungry for donuts, LOL!

    1. Yeah >sheepishly digs toe into ground< I went overboard. But no regrets. They smell so good! The cinnamon donuts one is awesome. Totally will make me hungry.