Monday, September 21, 2015

Long Cane Primitives: Custom Order

Long Cane Primitives in the house again! Cindy opened up for custom orders a few weeks ago and I hopped on the list. There are/were only about 7 or 8 people on the list so it went really fast (and may still be open for sign up, join her FB group if interested). I joined because I have been gifted her Cinnamon Broom scent and I fell hard for it. I needed some more. I went conservative and only ordered 6 scents. She gave me the option for bubble mailer or a slightly more expensive Regional A. I chose the box so they would arrive photo op ready.

Pink Watermelon Serendipity in Grubby shapes for $6.00. Not a very fallish scent but sometimes I crave a good serendipity. This blend does not disappoint. The watermelon and tropical tones of the serendipity jive well and the Pink Sugar gives it a musk aura that keeps it from being too sweet.

Double Mint Noel in Primitive Cakes for $5.75. Cindy's customers were posting raves about this scent right about sign up time. It is a buttermint blend that is strong and creamy. Cindy recently blended this with lavender and I am dying to try it. 

Twisted Peppermint in Primitive Pies for $6.00, these pies weigh about 1.4 ounces each. This is a scent I love in Bath and Body Works candles but when I burn it, the smoke from the flame messes with the purity of the peppermint. I was excited to see this scent in wax tarts, where flame is not an issue but on cold I am not sold on these. They seem light and a little crayon-like.

Pink Peppermint in Iced Cookies for $6.00, these weigh about 1.4 ounces each. These smell amazing. I blissful combination of mint and Pink Sugar with an added creaminess. Maybe extra vanilla is in her peppermint blend? Either way it is yummy and unique from other vendors.

Fall Leaves & Warm Cider in Pumpkins and Leaves shapes for $6.00, these tarts are about 1.5 ounces each. Here I blended Bath and Body Works Leaves with LCP's Mulled Cider. So. Insanely. Good. The extra punch of cinnamon to the caramel apples just makes it a perfect autumnal harbinger for my home.  

Cinnamon Broom in Pumpkin Patch shapes for $4.50, these lil guys are about half an ounce each. I am not sure why I got my favorite scent in such a small quantity. Call it an oversight. Red Hot cinnamon with a slight woody tone from the cinnamon bark. Just a wonderful wonderful cinnamon scent in it's strength and simplicity. 

Free Samples:

Orange Caramel Crumble- Orange danish meets Kraft caramel cubes. It is a nice scent but I think I need some spice in it for me to love. OH! I can mix some cinnamon broom with it!

Grandma's Pumpkin Waffles- This one is very bakery with maybe some of that zucchini bread thrown into the waffle batter. Not catching a ton of pumpkin and no spice. But I think the pumpkin adds a richness to this. 

Watermelon Candy- Watermelon bubble gum is what I pick up. Not really a bubble gum fan. But my girls will pounce on this.

Frosty Blue Ribbon Cookies- A nice rich sugar cookie. 

Long Cane Primitives has a great quality product and very reasonable prices. I weighed all the shapes and compared prices. The most affordable shape was the Pumpkins and Leaves at $0.98 per ounce. The most pricey shape was a tie between the Primitives Cakes and the Iced Cookies at $1.15 per ounce. However, in a wax community where the going rate has been bumped to about $2 per ounce, these are a steal. The throw tends to be healthy and the store is always stoked with RTS wax and now with some random customs that have a stellar TAT (one week for mine) you really cannot go wrong. Have you tried LCP lately? What are your favorite scents from Cindy? What shapes do you like out of these?


  1. I have not ordered from there myself but I have enjoyed a few gifted tarts. As my thoughts start preparing for my winter scents, that Double Mint Noel really caught my attention. And they're all so cute!


    1. Yes. I think you would really like that one. I am surprised how quickly I am melting through my fall scents. Like you, I am keeping one eye out for Christmas scents.