Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Warmed Wax: Dessa's Homespun Scents

Dessa's Campfire Marshmallow was a nice dupe for Bath & Body Works Marshmallow Fireside. A sweet sticky marshmallow with hints of bonfire. The throw was about a medium to medium-light and it did lack a little bit of depth as a dupe of one of my all time favorite BBW scents. So I am going to be a touch nit picky on this one. Probably not a repurchase. For Marshmallow Fireside dupes I gravitate towards Sugar & Spice, LSC, and Glitterati.

Dessa's Autumn Campfire was really yummy. I loved the harvest ripe fruits, spices and log cabin hearth. The throw was about a medium-light and could have stood a bit more oomph but I like it enough that the throw would not hinder me from buying it again.

Dessa's Harvest Moon had me swooning the evening that I melted it in my bedroom. A solid medium-strong throw aroma of apple wood, cinnamon and cedar sent me right into fall yearnings. This hit all the right buttons. Repurchase in a bag of Mason jars hopefully soon.

I am enjoying Dessa's scents. Some can be light but that is any vendor. Her wax is a touch rubbery and difficult to pop out of the warmers when frozen but so far no mishaps with the knife. 


  1. I've been having pretty good luck with Dessa's on a medium level. As long as I'm working here at my desk where my main warmer is, it's fine, but I do wish they were strong enough to drift a little farther out. I've already gone through all my apple type scents. Waiting a bit longer to start the pumpkin scents.

    I've had that trouble with removing the wax too. I've had much worse, but this one can still be stubborn. Two of my warmers have wide, flat bottom bowls. It seems to come out pretty easy from those. But the Glade warmer, where it has that little lip or ledge that there is just enough wax to barely go over.....stubborn to get out. And my one warmer with a fluted, or scalloped bowl....forget it.


    1. I agree. She is hovering between medium light to medium strong for me. You melt fast! At least you have some yummy BHG waiting on ya! And some other yummy vendors :-)

      You know what. After testing quite a bit beeswax based tarts I am thinking she uses some beeswax in her formula. It has that same sticky/bendy quality.