Thursday, September 17, 2015

Rustik Country Krafts: Wax Tarts

Rustik Country Krafts, or Rustik Sand Candles, operates out of Etsy and was pointed in my direction by Lynda for having an outstanding nag champa. And boy, they do! Not only does it throw really well but it smells so smooth and relaxing. I just adore my hippy scents. 

They usually sell their tarts 24 to a lot for $8.00. These tarts weigh in about 1/2 an ounce each and one is enough to do the job. At least for the nag champa scent. Shipping was a reasonable $6 since it came in a small flat rate, full to the brim. Included was a very sweet hand written note and a sample of a tart in Patchouli (YUM!). I did re-bag my tarts but that is no sweat off my nose.  

Rustik's huge scent selection, fast TAT, affordable prices, and wonderful customer service from Shellie will have me back in there browsing in no time... in fact, her Hippie Mix (patchouli, sandalwood, nag champa and oakmoss!) is next on my Wish List. She also offers clamshells for $3 and single one ounce scallops for $1.15. The fall and Christmas scent stock is extensive. 

Off to melt some groovy nag champa. Peace out.


  1. I just received some nag champa scented candles. Very interesting spicy incense scent. Going to melt one tomorrow. Let me know how you liked your tarts!

    1. Excellent! A nag champa csndle has to be amazing! I love these tarts. I had used them before (gifted by a sweet friend) and they are just as awesome this time too. Strong and full of head shop yumminess! I hope you have s great week Amanda!