Monday, June 5, 2017

Handmade in Florida Wax Tarts and Soaps

These products were given to me as a gift for my 3 year blog's anniversary. All opinions are my own. 

Zahida at Handmade in Florida is a soaping savant. Her creations not only look, smell and feel immaculate but they come intricately packaged with much care and the branding is high end Florida beach (West Palm?) style. Handmade in Florida not only offers handcrafted soaps but also various products such as whipped scrubs, bath bombs and now... wax! I am not sure as to the pricing of the wax offerings, as they have not been officially launched yet,  but I wanted to share some of the scents and my experiences with them.

The wax types included clamshells, shapes, chunks and scent shots. The clamshell labels feature the scent, description, pour date and website as well as instructions.

Up first:
Pistachio Cake- A gloriously fragrant cake scented with rosewater, pistachio, cardamom, and topped with freshly whipped cream.
I admit. I was worried when I pulled this one out, but I should have known better. Zahida is nothing if not a master scent blender. This is officially the first pistachio centric scent I have sniffed that is not an awful cherry-almond mess to my nose. It actually smells a lot like delicate French cakes softly spiced with cardamom and rosewater. The pistachio lends a powdery dry nuttiness. This is not a candy sweet scent, but a mellow and elegant bakery scent. Two cubes in my kitchen warmer threw medium-strong.

Walk in the Park- A crisp and refreshing blend of osmanthus, white freesia and orange flower. 
A beautifully executed bouquet of white flowers that leans on the freesia side of the garden. It has a touch of green dewiness and a white musk tone that flutters about like a delicate butterfly. The barest hint of dried unsweet apricots lets me know the osmanthus is present. Lovely. 

Lemon Blueberry Scone- Sweet blueberries and zesty lemons, blended with warm vanilla and fresh cream.
Delish. A classic lemon curd scent on the top and a juicy sweet blueberry sauce on the bottom. The vanilla cream rounds out the fruit. No bakery or cookie notes. Just a bowl of blueberries and cream with a dollop of lemon curd on top. Two cubes threw strong in the kitchen and living area.

Southern Rose- A delicate arrangement or lush velvet roses and sweet southern magnolias on a sandalwood and amber base.
I had this in either a scrub and/or a soap in the past and loved it to pieces. Now having it in a home fragrance option is priceless. If you love roses this is one for you. None of that granny rolled in the rose talcum powder nonsense... this is a young bloom. Paired with the sweet heady magnolia blossom and the sandalwood and amber base notes, the rose is tempered and made soft and satiny. 

The shapes are packaged in a sturdy zip top bag with the same exact size and shape label as the clamshells sport.

The mint green flower shape:
Sweet Serenity- A touch of confectioners sugar blended with lavender, eucalyptus and mint essential oils. 
I am thrilled this is an essential oil blend. The spearmint features first but the purple hazy lavender transforms it from Wrigley's gum to spa. The eucalyptus mixes in a touch of greenery rather than medicine. Strong throw in my bedroom. Brilliant, brilliant blend.

Summer Smoothie- A tropical blend of mango, guava, papaya and sweet creamy coconut milk.
This is a cruise ship Mai Tai in a wax tart. Tropical sweet guavas and mangos and papayas contribute their nectar and blend it up with an impeccable creamy coconut blend. It almost reminds me of a pina colada but with mango instead of pineapple. I am wanting more of this bad boy. Lots and lots more.

I have never seen a scent shot like this. Leave it to Zahida to source the prettiest scent shots ever. These hold about 1.25 ounces of wax in a 2 ounce frosted ultra sturdy cup with a flat lid that has a little thumb notch for easy opening. The label holds the same information but without the pour date. The directions do indicate that these can be used whole or cut in half. 

Tea Party- A sweet blend of freshly brewed tea.
This does smell mostly of the same tea that is present in the standard Tea & Cakes scents but without the almond cakes. A true southern iced sweet tea brimming with syrup and black tea leaves. 

The Garden- A refreshing blend of fresh flowers and warm musk on a sandalwood base.
Beautiful. This almost reminds me of a perfume, something like Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet. Innocent, frilly and lovely. I keep thinking I have smelled this before though... a Victoria Secret perfume dupe? Bath & Body Works? Gah! It is killing me... on the tip of my nose. 

Let Them Eat Cake!- A plethora of delicious cakes, topped with whipped cream and garnished with fresh flowers.
I assumed this one would be a Tokyo Milk Let Them Eat Cake dupe but when I opened it... I smelled tea and cakes! I could be off but this smells a lot like the ever popular Tea & Cakes scent I mentioned above. I love the blushing pink color and the wee rose bud nestled in the center. I am going to melt it and see if my tea and cakes love can be ignited. There is always hope and if anyone can do it, it would be Zahida.

Now this huge paisley (I am guessing around 2-3 ounces? Please forgive me, my scale is broken) has stolen my heart. It is scented in Eastern Oudh and it makes my toes curl. Dark woods, amber musk and faraway places. I want to bathe in this scent. No, really. I do. This is one of those scents I want my home and body to smell like. And that color. That shape. The golden sheen of mica. I am smitten. I swoon. I am ready to set my alarm clock to lay hands on more of this.

The heart shape:
Indian Rose- A mysterious blend of velvety roses, dark aged patchouli, oakmoss and incense.
I am sure I don't need to tell you this one rings my chimes too. It is a dark rose, brittle and blackened and rattling around in a trinket box from a love shared when the moon was decades older. Old joss sticks and torn theater stubs are the flotsam and jetsam in the sea of young love.

The gibbous moon shape:
Amber Dreams- An exotic blend of rich amber, warm vanilla and sensual sandalwood.
Another scent with notes I adore. The amber in this one has a brighter more fruity vibrant tone than say, a resinous or vanillic amber. This brings to mind Victoria Secret's Amber Romance in its execution.

This is how they came packaged. 

There were also some soaps. Some amazing soaps.

Not only nose and skin candy, but eye candy as well.

Spa Time- A luxurious duo of pink French and Australian clays and scented with a refreshing blend of essential oils. 
I have mentioned in the past that Adam's very favorite bar soap is Handmade in Florida's Moroccan Mint. I think I can say.... my holy grail Handmade in Florida bar soap is Spa Time. Oh my gosh. That is kind of hard to say being I love a ton of Handmade in Florida soaps. But this one is bloody brilliant. There has to be some type of mint essential oil because it smells chilly and it gives me my beloved tingles. There is a touch of earthiness, almost like this is a patchouli mint blend. I just love it. Absolutely adore it. $10.00

Lovely Lavender- Naturally Scented with lavender essential oil.
This one is a beauty too. Fragrant herbal lavender with just a touch of steel and pine but fresh and breezy as well. A timeless soap. $10.00

Enchanted Woods- A deep and sultry blend of dark-aged patchouli, musk, sandalwood and myrrh.
Zahida teased this one a few weeks ago and I swear my tongue was hanging out of my mouth when I read those notes. And it does not disappoint. Enchanted woods, indeed. Supple and smooth golden sandalwood and sweet balsamic myrrh ensnare the senses under the veil of warm sepia musk. I am guessing $8.00 as it didn't mention any essential oils in the blend.

I am hoping the three ladies who won their Handmade in Florida products are enjoying them as much as I am. As soon as Zahida gives the green light for her next opening I will be there with bells on (and alarm set!). 

Are you excited to try Handmade in Florida's wax? Do you have any soap favorites? What product would you like to see Handmade in Florida debut? I am thinking maybe body butters or shampoo and conditioner. Yesssss.


  1. Wow, what a nice blog-birthday package! The soaps look grand, and I love the mica sheen on those tarts. :)


    1. I knew she was going to send some goodies for the giveaway (very generously!) but I had no idea she would send some for me too. I was blown away. The mica on the tarts is so pretty. I love it. I am sending you two cubes of the lemon blueberry to try since your last lemon blueberry scent you picked up didn't hit this spot. I am thinking this one will.

  2. Oh my, wow! Those tarts are beautiful and each scent sounds like something I would enjoy. Please do let me know when she opens for wax.

    1. They are all so very amazing!!! As soon as I see her announce her opening date I will message you! <3

  3. I was already excited for her opening and your reviews just made me even more desperate to get my hands on more of her wax! I'm especially interested in Tea Party and Amber Dreams. It's going to be a serious stalking situation, time to start exercising my ninja shopping skills.

    1. It really is incredible. I am going to be in big trouble if I manage to get my hands on everything I want. And this isn't even all the offerings I am sure. I saw the prettiest floral loaf cut into chunks on her FB page. So much goodness! Did you like the Serenity scent? I loved it but then again I love my mints. May your ninja skills not let you down! xoxox

  4. Thank you so much for the lovely review and gorgeous photos Julie! You are spot on with the scents! Love all the pics and beautiful descriptions. You have such a special gift for writing 💕✨💖

    1. Thank you, Zahida! I am beyond appreciative for you sending me this gift package. Hoping your summer is going well and you get much quality time with your kiddos. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I am loving that Spa Time bar. It is pure heaven.

  5. Oh wow the pastel colors are gorgeous! Everything from her shapes, clams and scent shots are just spot on. I would even be interested in trying her bar soaps! Now I am intrigued about when she opens for wax..

    1. I love the colors too. Zahida is great at building a beautiful aesthetic for her products. She will announce it on IG and FB. <3 I am looking forward to it!

  6. Beautiful! What lovely little tarts. The cups are lovely (both the cups themselves - hinges, who knew?! - and the wax in them.) And those soaps are gorgeous - no wonder you love them. The packaging is seriously dope, though - I'm such a sucker for great packaging.

    1. Yes! And the best part??? What is INSIDE is even better than the packaging! The smells, the quality. All top shelf.