Monday, June 26, 2017

Witch Baby Soap: Bath Bombs and Potions

Witch Baby Soap bath bombs have been on my "to buy" list for quite some time now but the recent release of some new Bath Potions based on Earth, Wind, Fire and Water nudged me in the pants and the timing also coincided with my lack of bath bombs. Restock time! After all these vigorous workouts I need some sweet bathing rituals to lull my aching muscles and spirit me off to dreamland at the end of the day.

Oracle Bath Bomb- Carnations and lilies. $10.00

This baby is one hulking bath bomb at over 10 ounces. It smells lovely. The carnations offer up their milky pepper bouquet while the lilies gift a purple aquatic musk. This is not a sharp or artificial floral blend but an encounter with a mourning token of carnations and lilies tied with twine and left at a country cross-roads. This bath bomb let loose a torrent of color, fizz and a nice layer of bubbles to sink down into. The waters were a soothing rose shade and smelled incredible.

Love Bath Bomb- Apple and rose scent. $4.00

Fulvous Honeycrisp apples nesting on a bed of dried rose petals as an offering to your true love. This is a fresh scent, not overly sweet and beautifully melodious.

Psychic Bath Bomb- Lavender and amber, topped with an amethyst. $7.50

Dense and rich French lavender oils honed to a golden edge with a touch of amber. This is one intoxicating blend and I already know I will be buying more. 

Look at that lovely stone embedded in there. Savanna, my crystal and stone collector will be whisking this off before too long. Plus it is her birthstone so she has an affinity for amethyst. 

Rune Stone Bath Bomb- Citrus, lily, rose, geranium, patchouli, vetiver, tonka and embedded with a rune stone. $5.00

So happy I picked up two of these. Wildflowers, grassy smoky vetiver and a pinch of the dark herbal patchouli swirls together to conjure the image of a cottage garden. It is softly sweetened by the tonka to brew a lovely perfume. The bath bomb turned the water a calming shade of aqua and bubbled and fizzed for quite a few minutes and revealed a rune stone symbol for "joy." This Rune Stone bath bomb gifted me an aromatic bath and soft skin and a lightened mind. Quite relaxing.

The Graveyard bath bomb arrived in it's own special box.

Graveyard- Carefully arranged funeral flowers and freshly dug graves. $8.00

Soil, bulb flowers and a pinch of carnation petals. This takes "earthy" to a precise level. A brilliantly fun scent that will make for an atmospheric bath while reading some dark novel that is currently languishing on my bookshelf, perhaps The Dead of Summer by Camilla Way or Fevre Dream by George RR Martin? Saving this one.

The Elements Bath Potion Set for $46, includes four 9 ounce glass jars to be used on their own or blended together at the users discretion. 

Water Bath Potion (empathy, intuition and love)- An aquatic moody jungle floral, hand blended with sea clay, mineral rich kelp, soothing aloe, jasmine flowers, rose petals and chamomile. Pour 3-4 capfuls under warm running bath water and become one with your inner mermaid. 

Inner mermaid? Yes, please. In the jar the mushroom hued powder smells of chamomile and seaweed, poured into the tub it blooms into a an ocean side jasmine bush. Ethereal jasmine buds, yellow chamomile puffs and single rose petals drift past in the current of the water while mounds of bubbles froth forth. This smells amazing. Don't the dankess in the jar fool you. Pour that magic potion in unabashedly. 

Air Bath Potion (intellect, freedom and communication)- A cool woodsy blend of anise, redwood, pine, patchouli and vanilla, using a blend of tree bark powders, soothing lavender, vanilla and dandelion root.

This one is said to turn your bathtub into a spellbinding forest. In the jar it smells of root vegetables, churned into warm bath water it cultivates a rainforest of trees with soft vanilla underlying it all. Triangles and arrowheads of bark float in the valleys between mountains of bubbles. Dreamy. Want to know what is even dreamier? Combing the Air and Water potions. Be still my naiad loving heart.  

Earth Bath Potion (stability, growth and prosperity)- A sweet blend that smells like a dew covered valley of wildflowers. This magical potion is hand blended with mineral rich French green clay, colloidal oatmeal, crushed honeysuckle, blue vervain and cornflower petals.

It truly does smell like a valley of wildflowers. The honeysuckle stars in this drama from the jar to the tub. The oatmeal does add a bit of creamy comfort to both the scent and the bath water. Tiny blue winking stars swirl about the tub and adorn the skin in the form of flower petals. 

Fire Bath Potion (passion, motivation and creativity)- This warm blend of tobacco, amber and dragon's blood embodies the warmth of the fire element. Hand blended with frankincense, angelica root, raw dragon's blood and calendula flowers.

In the jar it smells like sweet potatoes and dragon's blood, but once poured into the tub, creamy tobacco rises up from the steamy vapor. I love the large flower heads and stems that come out of this potion. I combined Fire with Earth and it imparted a dreamy bath ritual that made me feel like I was bathing in a wild west boarding house above a saloon in a clawfoot tub. Sun is setting and the whole town glows golden and orange. Sweet tobacco and men's laughter drift up through the clapboard floors and the simple wildflowers in a vase set before the open window send their fragrance along with the sheer lace curtains billowing towards me while I lie bonelessly in the warm water. Dreamy.

These bath potions all bubble up wonderfully and feel amazing on the skin. The aroma lingers as long and the bubbles as well. I take 20-30 minute baths sometimes and these held up beautifully.

I am already plotting another order to pick up a few more bath bombs and possibly a second potion set. Witch Baby Soap also offers lotions, scrubs, perfumes and of course, soap. I think I may need to branch out and sample a few of the other wares. Have you tried Witch Baby? What are some of your favorite offerings?


  1. Your bath tub though.. might I just say.. WOW!! I don't think I would ever come out if I had one like it. Also.. I would be broke from all of the bath products that I would buy for it. Magical though!
    I have seen a few hauls and scrubs on IG from this vendor that have caught my eye yet I haven't made an order. The stones and crystals inside are what intrigue me the most.
    Great haul!

    1. When I was a little girl I dreamed for my house to have three things: a bay window somewhere, a garden tub and a walk-in closet. And even though our home is small and an affordable cookie cutter home, I have those and it makes me so happy. Baths are a huge deal for me. I love my baths.

      The stones are super cool! Plus I hadn't realized my oracle bath bomb had a slip of paper in it until the tub drained... it said "yes." So that was fun. :-)

  2. Each of those bath bombs sound amazing!! I don't generally wear a lot of scents with heavy floral notes, but I LOVE them in my tub! Your review has tipped the scale. I need to order!!

    1. They are!! And what makes the florals even better is how beautifully and realistically they are executed. I hope you give them a shot. I know I am hooked.

  3. This company sounds amazing, just the thing to shake up my obsession with Lush. Dying to buy!

    1. It is! So many lovely scents and products and so much attention to detail. I loved Lush for a very long time, but some of these indie vendors are blowing them out of the water for longevity, fizz factor, bubbling power and scent. Loving them.