Monday, June 12, 2017

The Bathing Garden: Alice Collection

My Alice order from The Bathing Garden arrived! Skipping out on this collection sounded like uncommon nonsense so I scooped up some old favorites and new ones too. The Wonderland Collection is still up but I am not sure for how much longer. Typical info: 6 week TAT, $3.75 clamshells, $9 scrubs (at least the ones listed here), and actual shipping costs paired with generous freebies and wonderful packaging. 

These are some of the tarts I bought doubles of and have reviewed many times in the past so just a quick blurb on them.

Sea of Tears- Notes: Sea salt, ocean mists and aquatic floral. 
Still one of my all time favorite fresh oceanic scents. Strong throwing and beautiful. Salty with soft floral musks. 

Magician's Bonfire- Notes: Bonfire wisps, lavender and chamomile sugar crystals.
A stunner. A velvety soft fireside lavender with a touch of sweet herbs.

Painting the Roses Red- Notes: Buttercream frosting and coconut cream pie are layered over a blend of raspberries and roses.
This was one of the first scents I tried from The Bathing Garden in a scrub. This one and Mermaid Tears. Shannon's raspberry is pretty great for me. Tart, sweet and bursting with juice, the raspberries feature foremost with the creamy coconut and vanilla and faint jammy rose tones sprinkled throughout.

Cheshire Cat- Notes: Lemon meringue is topped with vanilla and raspberry icing. 
When Savanna was little this was always her very favorite. I used let her have a clamshell in her room just to have to sniff. It has long since melted in the warmers but she still loves this scent. And I do too. Lemon curd, strong and sour, with those lovely raspberries as an accent.

Caterpillar Mischief- Notes: Apricot and lemon jam, caramel cakes bites and coconut vanilla cream.
This is one I fell for when sniffing the sample that came in my last order. This is all apricots and cream with the depth of caramel to enrich it. I am looking forward to melting it and seeing how it blooms.

Will you look at this beauty? So lovely.
Happy Un-Birthday- Notes: Yummy birthday cakes with mounds of sugary cotton candy icing.
Sometimes it is nice to just have a simple scent to melt. This is a perfectly quaint blend of vanilla and sweetness. 

Nothing Whatever- Notes: Earthy wild mint and ivy topped with vanilla cream.
A natural mint leaf green coolness with verdant sharp tones of ivy all rounded out with airy vanilla. And I cannot stop gazing at that little golden door. I fantasize about opening it and finding a pair of fairy sprites sitting down to a meal of seeds and buds.

I bought doubles of these lavender scents too.

Alice in Lavenderland- Notes: French lavender with vanilla extract and marshmallow cream.
I wasn't sure about this one when I got it as a sample, but once I melted I succumbed to this lavender siren. I should know better than to try and snub a Bathing Garden lavender. French lavender is accurate, more herbal and deep with almost a sweet chamomile lean. The added vanilla and marshmallow smooth what otherwise might be a steely sharp edge. It melts strong and zen-like.

Lavender Vanilla Custard- Notes: Strong lavender blended with vanilla bean custard, with hints of marshmallow and caramel.
This one always reminds me of Bath & Body Works Lavender Vanilla. It has that similar baby soap lavender aroma with an added dollop of cream. Calming and pretty.

Look at those baubles! And that purple!

Another Starlight Soda Pop, because I am infatuated.

Tea with the Queen of Hearts scrub- I love how fresh the tea smells in the scrub format. Clean with a soft floral tone.

Lavender Vanilla Custard scrub because I had to. The scrub leans a little more marshmallowy to my nose. If I have not said it enough I will again, I love Shannon's scrubs. Thick, dense and satisfying to no end to use. The grains are fine but powerful. It never feels laden with chemicals. It is never drying. Sometimes it froths a bit but it always leaves my skin smooth and lightly fragrant. 

Not the best shot, but I wanted to show the three layers of colors and the diamond design on the sides on this Tea Party with Alice card tart.

Tea Party with Alice- Notes: Strawberry jam, black lemon tea, and sweet honey cream.
The strawberry jam smells a touch artificial and Strawberry Shortcake doll-ish. The sweet honey cream white layer is lovely and smells exactly like cream and honey with a touch of powder. I think the black lemon tea blue layer is what brings it all together. Smelling in the bag gets me a powdery honey lemon and cream tea. It will be nice to see how this tart melts. This 2 1/2 ounce tart is $3. 

Tea with the Queen of Hearts- Notes: Rooibos red tea.
This tart captured my heart when it briefly came across my senses. A beautifully floral full bodied tea scent. A bit of rose lurks in there. This 1.2 ounce bunny is $1.75. I may try to pick up a couple more next order.

Freebie section:

The red tart on the right was an error from Sandra's order. I totally dropped the ball and forgot to order her a scrub and then we were accidentally sent two of this one in Parisian Strawberry Fields instead of Strawberry Nonsense. She graciously said I could have this extra Parisian Strawberry Fields as she doesn't do doubles. 

Parisian Strawberry Fields- Notes: Juicy fresh picked strawberries, white peaches, mango fruit and rich vanilla beans.
This is one intense berry and peach mango scent. I forgot how vibrant and electrifying this one was. Tart, sweet and candy berries. A cross between candy and fruit punch and all things yummy. It melted in the larger kitchen and living area with a medium-strong throw. 

Rose Glace- Notes: Rose petals, strawberry, fresh citrus, vanilla and geranium. 
Pretty much Lush Rose Jam. Lovely.

Starting with the large blue medallion and going clockwise:

Summer Twilight- Notes: Creamy vanilla, black fruits, soft musk, lavender, lilac, and hints of eucalyptus and woods. 
I was thinking this was going to be similar to Lush's Twilight, given the notes. And it does have that vibe but the dark fruits are more evident as well as the creamy vanilla. It melted medium-strong in my bedroom. I will get a clamshell of this one. 

Summer in a Jar- Notes: Juicy fruits with a touch of green floral. 
I get candied berries and a citrus tang. A jubilant scent. Contemplating a clamshell. 

Mid-Summer Song- Notes: Sugared vanilla, candied lemon and orange and sweet dark berries.
More powdery, like Tang and SweetTarts, than Summer in a Jar. I like Summer in a Jar better.

Summer Melon and Mint- Notes: A bowl of cut melon, guava, mango, papaya and strawberries garnished with freshly picked peppermint leaves.
Normally I avoid fruits and peppermint together but this blend is pretty nice. I will have to melt it and see if it does well for my nose. Looks promising right now. The melon and mint are the strongest notes. 

Pearls of the Ocean- Notes: Pink sugar, suntan lotion, salty ocean, fresh breezes and citrus.
The pink sugar and suntan lotion are dominate but there is just enough sea air and fruit to make it round and unique. A splendid beach house scent. Strong too. This less than an ounce shell practically threw me out of my own bedroom.

Bee Smitten- Notes: Sweet lavender, rose, ylang ylang, honey and citrus.
A lovely scent! Full of meadow flowers and honey. Sunny, bright and innocent. It threw medium in my bedroom. Really a lovely scent when melted. It blends out nicely. Contemplating a clamshell.

Mini scrubs:

Mid-Summer Song smells pretty much like the wax sample. A powdery candy, tangy fruit scent.

Nothing Whatever is similar to the wax tart too, but maybe just a little less mint. 

Great scents, though I do feel bad I messed it up for Sandra a bit and that Shannon sent one of the wrong clamshells. But I will say that this was the first time an order has ever been wrong for me from Shannon. We are all human. And I am sure she would make it up if it was to be pursued. 

Now I am eyeing that Sleepy scrub and tart in the Scent of the Month and quite a few Take Me To The Sea and Shannon's Summer Favorites. Probably will wait a little longer though to order. What are your must-have The Bathing Garden scents? Are you loving anything in particular from recent collections?


  1. I sort of put my spring order away and forgot about it after reviewing, but I sidled into my sis's order last week so I'll melt some spring while waiting for summer TBG.
    Snubbing a TBG lavender must be a cardinal wax sin! I have both of those lavender clams coming as well♡

    Unfortunately, my sis ordered while I was in New York and though I'd given her a list, a couple scents got lost in the translation - no more Calypso and Pink Sugar Pie Crust which I really wanted to try, sniff, sniff.
    Happy to hear Bee Smitten sounds lovely, got that one and, Oh! I loved Tea with the Queen of Hearts that Sandra passed along, another must.
    I gifted my mom Parisian Strawberry and she melted recently, yikes! Too fake berry candy for me. But that tiny hobbit door is happiness in a melt:) Lovely stuff.

    1. I don't know why I would ever think a Bathing Garden lavender wouldn't work for me. I always end up loving them. I hope you enjoy your TBG lavenders too!

      Aw man, I know how that goes. I accidentally forgot to tack on a Cheshire Cate scrub for Sandra, but I will make it up to her.

      I loved Bee Smitten! I am not sure how it will do in larger areas but in the bedroom it was nicely aromatic. I am definitely going to try and snag one here in the next month or so. My mom came over last night and cleared me out of a ton of these scents and several others so now I have more room to actually place a summer order.

      I am happy to hear you loved Tea with the Queen too! I was thinking for a hot minute that it was only me who fell hard for it. But you enjoy tea too, so maybe that helps.

      That Parisian Strawberry Fields is one electric scent for sure. VERY potent on the tart and sweet fruits.

      I almost don't want to melt Nothing Whatever for fear of my hobbity/fairy imaginings being crushed.

  2. Beautiful order and pics! Everything Shannon does is golden, but her raspberry and rose scents are my favorites. Caterpillar Mischief is a great one that surprised me because I don't really do apricot, and Nothing Whatever is so nice for something mellow and soothing.

    Those tea scents are awesome, aren't they? Tea with the Queen was one of my first tea scents and I loved it so much that I searched for the oil. I still have it and one of these days I'll try making some bath bombs and lotions to pair with Shannon's scrub.

    Do you see anything you want from the summer stuff? There's a lot of beachy fresh scents like Calypso, Mermaids Tears and Take Me to the Sea that are great. Kraken Berry and Pink Sand are also yummy.

    1. Thank you, Kris! I have to agree, her rose and raspberries are amazing. I can never pass them up. I think it is the uber creaminess of the Caterpillar Mischief that catches my attention. It is so lovely. I need to melt it soon.

      YES! The teas!!!! You found the oil? How cool! Sometimes I can locate them (especially Carol's since she just uses the oil name straight up) but other times I have a hard time finding the source they use. So many oil manufacturers. I have some EO's I have been wanting to make bath salts with. I just need to DO ITTTTT. Hoping we can both get those done.

      I do. Honestly, way too much stuff. I either need to pare it way down or just not order form the summer. Wish me luck. I do want more scrubs but need to review some I just got in from Arcane Bunny Society. Mermaid's Tears is an OLD fave of mine. I will probably order. I need to order. Oh God. LOL!

  3. Wow, this looks fantastic! Your pics are so beautiful. :)

    Fret not about the little snafus, they happen! As you know, I still made out pretty well. So much brown in my order, though (it was all those Pie Crust items.) I love the purples in yours (speaking of, I really weirdly and unexpectedly like the sample of Twilight Lavender you sent me. That's my kind of lavender.) Thanks again for hooking a sister up!

    1. Thank you!

      And thank you for being such a kind and forgiving soul. Brown!! You will need some pink pops of color to make it look pretty huh? That might work. So glad you enjoyed Twilight!! I know you said you wouldn't want it but I pushed it on you anyway. I think it has enough berry and cream to smooth it out. I hope you like it just as much melted!

  4. This has me SUPER excited about finally getting in my first order that should be in sometime this week. Everything is just so stunning that she lays hands on which makes it even harder to melt. I also placed an order for the Sleepy bundle as well that I am waiting on because.. well.. because who could resist? I just hope it is as good as everyone says!! I love Shannon's scrubs as well so I am super excited to have one on the way in my bundle.

    1. YAY!!!! How cool!!! I hope you love your goodies! But honestly, with the love and attention Shannon gives her wax it is hard not to fall in love too. Sleeeepppyyyy!!! Mega crush. I will end up getting the scrub and wax tart for sure. You are smart getting the bundle. It is a good deal. I keep eyeing the sea collection scrubs. They all sounds so invigorating and refreshing.

  5. I read this post and ever since then, I can't stop thinking about this collection of melts! I may just have to order some. They look and sound incredible. Your photos and descriptions make 'em even more irresistible! I DO need something new for my summer stash, anyway... :D
    -Angela Kay

    1. They are so nice! I hope you do decide to try out The Bathing Garden one day. Shannon makes truly lovely smelly things. <3

      Hope you are well and having a nice summer!!