Friday, June 2, 2017

Vintage Chic Scents: May Restock

Vintage Chic Scents pours extra amounts of what they term "Unicorn Loaves" that tend to be in high demand so that people have a better shot at getting some. My unicorn loaf is Central Park Snowglobe and it was available in spades, lasting well into the next couple of days after restock. Others might not have been jumping at it, but I certainly was. I ordered four loaves in it at $17 and change each plus $10 flat rate shipping.

Central Park Snowglobe continues to be a favorite vanilla mint of mine. I get a nice strong throw, it is consistently reliable and is a brilliant bedtime or winter scent. I did place two separate orders. Initially I was all "I am a grown up and know I only really need two loaves." Then a day later when there was still stock I was all "I am mad and cannot pass up grabbing two more... LOOK THEY ARE STILL THERE TAUNTING ME!!!" 

In my first order my free sample was Bogie & Bacall, which initially reminded me of Bath & Body Works Black Pepper and Bergamot, but then I came to realize it is a blue sugar vanilla sandalwood blend. Doh. Talk about being way off. But let me tell you. It is sexy stuff. I love it. I need a unicorn loaf in this one.

My second order free sample was in Rose's Powder Room, which blends peach, lavender and bergamot. A unique blend where lavender is strong but sweetened with that unmistakable nectar of peach. A nicely done fruity floral aroma. 

Did you pick up any VCS lately? What would be your unicorn loaf scent of choice?


  1. One of these days I will order from VCS again. *sigh* Looks like you're stocked for a while on that one!


    1. I really am. I went coo coo for vanilla mint. I will send you some so you can have it for winter time. I think she is starting to pour a ton more now that she have a few employees on board. I am noticing things stay in stock a little longer after the initial mad rush for certain scents. Which is nice. I saw Dessa is now having to close partially during the month to catch up on orders. She said she will be doing the "open" from the 1st-20th of the month now and close the last ten days to catch up. She must be gaining tons of customers! I briefly considered going a head and placing my fall order in case she explodes in popularity more and has to close more often.

    2. I saw something about the opening thing and was bummed. Good point about fall ordering! Maybe I'll take a look this weekend, get my list together. Good idea!