Sunday, June 4, 2017

Mermaid Treasure: Moss Root Jewellery

News traveled to these tender ears about Moss Root Jewellery having a sale in their Etsy store and I want to say it was a decently big sale, like 50% off or something. I think it was due to the Etsy store closing, but creations can still be purchased via Moss Root's main website linked above.

The order came pretty fast for traveling across the Atlantic, and was packaged beautifully.

A drawstring bag on a bed of thin straw and dried rose petal held the ring.

This is a stacking ring with a braided band that holds a faceted rose quartz stone.

It was 28 pounds originally but half off, which was about $18 and shipping was 3.99 pounds. 

I love my piece. It is well made and fits comfortably. I will not hesitate to return. 

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