Thursday, June 15, 2017

Grimoire Tea: Mother's Day Sampler

This is the Grimoire Tea Mother's Day Sampler I was telling you about last tea post. I have not gotten around to tasting all of these yet but have bibbled a few so I will mostly be giving impressions from the bag. This sampler features ten packets of tea, which will give about 3-4 servings per packet, ran $8 plus $3 shipping. These teas showcase a few fandoms and you know how that rings my chimes. I will go ahead and start with the one scent which I have no idea the reference to, Daedra. (I think it is a video game chick from search results.)

Daedra- Rosehip, elderberry, hibiscus and mixed berries.
Daedra is dark. In the bag the rosehips and berries smell deep and lovely and full of shadow. It almost smells spicy. Once tasted, it has a bright and tart fruitiness. A pleasure to sip.

Nightmare Before Christmas scents:

Oogie Boogie- Gunpowder green tea and peppermint.
I have never had gunpowder green tea but in the bag, the tea smells mostly green and minty. Come to find gunpowder tea is simply green tea leaves withered, steamed, then tightly rolled and dried. This process allows them to retain more flavor and aroma.

Skellington- Hibiscus, orange peel, lemon peel, rosehip and rose.
Jack must love his bits and bobs... this one has the variety of a Trick-or-Treat bag. The rosy bright orange and citrus combined with the hibiscus smells like a fall fruit punch. Rosehips are rich in antioxidants and cancer-fighting properties.

Harry Potter scents:

Death Eater- Black tea, peppermint and spearmint.
A darker version of sleepy time tea. And that is pretty much how it tastes. A nice clear and deep black tea with minty edges. Nice for a morning brew. Spearmint tea is thought to help balance hormones and improve memory.

Platform 9 3/4- Apricot, cinnamon and marigold.
The apricot is thick and chewy in this tea blend so do be prepared for that. In the bag it smells heavenly! Cinnamon apricot smells like peach cobbler and I want to devour it. Marigold tea is sometimes used to treat gastric issues and acid reflux.

Chocolate Frog- Rooibos, ginger, cardamom and chocolate.
This chocolate chai dream is good enough for the Witch's trolley on the Hogwarts Express. The cardamom and rooibos feature prominently. Cardamom tea is thought to strengthen weak hair and treat scalp irritations. 

Look! Ickle chocolate nubbins! In hindsight, I should have taken photos of ALL the teas. Ah well. Maybe next time.

Disney scents:

Enchanted Rose- Rose petal and cinnamon. (pictured above)
In the pouch, the rose and cinnamon marry well. Both equally evident. Rose petal tea has been known to help with relief of menstrual cramps (now I find out!) and is a good source of vitamin C.

Experiment 626- Hibiscus, cranberry, orange peel and apple.
This tea potion bag runs over with copious amounts of dried fruits. It smells like a dried fruit snack mix. Orange peel tea can help with skin health and vitality.

Scar- Black tea and mango.
The mango gives a nice fruitiness to the more stark black tea. In the cup it does impart the mango flesh both in scent but also in flavor, though there is no actual sweetness. Quite enjoyable. 

Evil Queen- Passionfruit, mango, black tea, cornflower, blue mallow, marigold and safflower. (pictured below)
The black tea in this brew does have a fruity sweetness much like Scar but the flavor has a touch more bitterness, this is one where honey and cream is well suited. Blue mallow is often used as a remedy for coughs, asthma, bronchitis and throat infections.

I am having fun sampling all these new Grimoire teas. I usually have a black tea in the morning to give me a little kick in the pants then I sip an herbal one in the evening or afternoon.

Do you have any favorite handcrafted teas? Which types of teas are your favorite?


  1. Ooh yum! I love it when companies not only have products that taste great but also look pretty and have a fun theme. The awesomeness trifecta. :) I have been meaning to look into specialty teas and samplers and subscriptions but haven't gotten around to it yet. For now my stash of teas from the grocery store will have to suffice.

    1. Same! It really is the trifecta. I am enjoying my Grimoire goodies. I do have quite a few boxes of Celestial Sleepytime and Peppermint teas in my cupboards too. They just hit the spot so nicely.

  2. Too fun! Loving the themed ones. Once again, Anything themed I am a huge sucker for.
    Chocolate tea.. interesting.. would that kind of end up tasting like a hot cocoa with more of an added flavor or something completely different.

    1. Me too. I can't help but love fandom things. You know... I have not tried the Chocolate Frog one yet. I am doing the Whole30 so I still have a lot of time before I can add back sugar. But once I can I know I cup of Chocolate Frog will be had. Chocolate makes everything better right? :-)

  3. I'm a tea fanatic, I'm definitely going to have to check out this company! My go-to is DavidsTea since there are two locations in NYC near my office but I've been in the market for a good black tea with mango so I will have to get some Scar. Do any of their teas contain sweepers like Stevia? I can't help but taste them if they are in a blend and I hate it.

    1. Um, sweeteners, not sweepers? That's one of the weirder autocorrects I've seen in a while.

    2. Oooooo David's NYC huh? I may have to make a pit stop. I have only had one form Grimoire with stevia in it... it was Slytherin from their Hogwarts Sampler. It is definitely detectable. I can take it or leave but but in general I am really only a fan of pure sugar, honey or maple syrup as sweeteners. The other stuff tastes not as good to me.
      Hope you are having a nice week!